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  1. lady that used to steal Sudafed at my old store shops at my new one :/

    about 14 hours ago from web
  2. hiiii new here <3 Im not sure if its active or nottt

    about 40 minutes ago from web
  3. I just tried my new tyre pump for my bicycle. Oh boy the difference is immense to the old pump I had. With the new one I can easily reach 4 bar pressure. The old one got only to half of that. The difference in roll resistance is equally as immense. Cycling now feels like the brakes weren't engaged all the time.

    about 3 hours ago from web
    • based

      about 2 days ago from web
    • Whatever DID happen to Grimey?

      about 3 days ago from web
    • today i learned that ralph bakshi still animates with pencils, paper, and a light table. what a guy

      about 5 days ago from web

      about 5 days ago from web
      • Just got done driving to Henrico County and during the drive I was trying to come up with a voice for a character. Eventually settled on “Genie from Aladdin but voiced by Dan Castellaneta”, which I realize is basically just a gay, possibly Jewish version of Homer Simpson.

        about 7 days ago from web
      • Caitlin Jenner didn't even come close. NOW how will I make my clickbait cartoons??

        about 9 days ago from web
      • I enjoyed Kid Cosmic Season 1 a little bit more than its second Season. It was still damn good.

        about 9 days ago from web
        • Despite not being canon I was very entertained by LEGO Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures.

          about 11 days ago from web
          • I am fairly satisfied with my new bike. It has a hub gear and not so many gears as my other bike, so it is a little bit strange switching the bikes. I'll probably keep both. I was debating with myself selling the old one but both are very different in cycling style. I want to keep the choice between them.

            about 12 days ago from web
            • I bicycled about 11km today and my legs are hurting.

              about 14 days ago from web
              • Picked up the first Beastars manga on a whim today. So far, so good.

                about 16 days ago from web
              • Finished my couch table. The legs are aluminium extrusions (40mm x 40mm) and the plate is low quality oak that I stained and varnished myself. I also rounded the edges and cut threads for the felted table feet. This project turned out to be more expensive and require more work than anticipated but it's my own. The good thing is that the table height is higher than the seating height and my legs fit comfortably under the table.

                about 17 days ago from web
                • First bleach, now worm removal medicine for horses. Another big round for distributing the Darwin Award.

                  about 19 days ago from web
                  • anyway, i bouth my 18th console recently. I usually dont like digital only stuff, but this gens been looking rater boring so far, so i only wanted a cheap gamepass machine. currently playing bug fables

                    about 21 days ago from web
                  • Man I miss good old game rentals. Like, I want to try New Pokemon Snap, but I don't think I'll get $60 of fun out of it... $20, probably, but I understand this is not a $20 game. So, yeah. I miss rentals. !vgp #

                    about 22 days ago from web
                    • @scribus Purchasing it used might be an option. On ebay in Germany the prices are between 30€ and 40€. I guess it won't be cheaper anytime soon. Pokemon Snap for the N64 is cheaper as a cart only offer but complete in box it's still at original retail prices.

                      about 21 days ago in context
                  • I want to see the new Marvel movie Shang Chi but it feels wrong to go to the cinema.

                    about 23 days ago from web
                  • all of this moving around between stores finally pays off - I finally have the evidence I need to have a certain customer banned from all of our stores because I personally saw him running the same scam at three separate stores. kinda weird that it took three separate stores though, right?

                    about a month ago from web
                  • Great, first time in two years I wake up at 0600 ON PURPOSE (damn jury duty) and I'm shaking and puking and other nastiness....

                    about a month ago from web
                  • I summed up how much I cycled so far in the last 6 months, with the help of the Google Maps Timeline feature. I cycled about 120km. Due to some really annoying data entry of the streets and junctions, and the infrequent and inaccurate GPS sampling, not every trip was correctly recorded. Good for data protection but also bad for this application, so I had to guesstimate.

                    about a month ago from web
                    • @adiwan If cycling is as important to you as it is to me, I would recommend purchasing an odometer. They are quite cheap

                      about a month ago in context
                    • @oracle I have a bicycle computer that has the feature but it is cumbersome to access in the menu. I have it only to display the current velocity / average velocity. It was just in the spur of the moment that this question came up as my father jokingly said to me that I barely drive my new car that just passed 600km.

                      about a month ago in context
                  • Gotta say, if'n I'd fully known what an asshole King Hyrule was, and what a whiner they'd turned Zelda into, I might not have bothered defeating Calamity Ganon... !vgp #

                    about a month ago from web
                  • Although I have a bike I'm interested in having a second bike more geared towards comfortable rides in the city: a ladies' dutch bicycle. I don't see a reason for having that ball-crushing crossbar between the legs that makes it hard to get into the saddle.

                    about a month ago from web
                  • Aww, you're maxed at 3 stamina wheels?

                    about a month ago from web
                  • Of course I look for a used bike ladies' bike. A new one would be prohibitively expensive. I found some similar ones for just 30€ but they need some moderate fixing.

                    about a month ago from web
                    • I'm highly annoyed by people using "it's" in place of "it has". My brain is trained to only read that as "it is". Similarly, it also holds true for "ain't" for related reasons.

                      about a month ago from web
                    • I have no way of knowing if the fact that I've done nothing but play BOTW for a week is, like, an ADHD hyperfocus, or Autism obsession, or just the perfectly rational realization that there is nothing of greater value in the society we have built up around ourselves

                      about a month ago from web
                    • Just had some keto cinnamon cereal for the first time. It tastes about as joyless as a retirement community.

                      about a month ago from web
                    • I'm thinking about buying cheap Thinkpad T43 keyboards in order to make them normal PC USB Keyboards. I found a Github project that offers code for a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller and a PCB schematic to make that conversion possible All the new keyboards available out there are garbage. I hate mechanical clicky keyboards. I have already a Thinkpad USB Keyboard but I want to have one at work and I want a spare one.

                      about a month ago from web