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  1. How do I !ponychan ?

    Monday, 24-Sep-12 15:34:53 UTC from web
    • Why can't I post on !ponychan? Stupid errors!

      Saturday, 22-Oct-11 21:48:48 UTC from web
      • Oh, !ponychan. You're all insane.

        Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 04:20:29 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • Is !ponychan down? I get a connection timeout or a connection reset every time I want to open the site.

          Tuesday, 30-Aug-11 15:30:44 UTC from Choqok
        • Why are you all saying that !ponychan is still down? IT IS UP. GO LOOK.

          Monday, 15-Aug-11 21:40:03 UTC from web
        • !ponychan is up again!

          Monday, 15-Aug-11 19:35:45 UTC from Choqok
        • OMG what is with !ponychan ? It's down.

          Monday, 15-Aug-11 13:36:30 UTC from Choqok
        • !ponychan /pic/ has healed my broken brony heart from these haunting pictures :)

          Thursday, 11-Aug-11 14:32:02 UTC from Choqok
          • /canada/ is the best board on !ponychan.

            Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:37:59 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • @abigpony Then !ponychan has been lying to me this whole time...

            Saturday, 30-Jul-11 04:24:45 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • I've been keeping up with the Drawball community over on !ponychan recently. First they befriend 15-18, now OT? These people are nuts, and I don't want them to change.

            Sunday, 24-Jul-11 07:42:47 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            • !ponychan G1, meet G4. G4, meet G1. These are really well done, too.

              Sunday, 17-Jul-11 06:39:43 UTC from web
              • So I got a hug at # and I dont know who it was. Anyone else there? It was good fun. Trixie has returned however, so watch what your posting !ponychan !!!

                Monday, 04-Jul-11 21:01:48 UTC from web
                • welcome back !ponychan

                  Friday, 01-Jul-11 23:43:41 UTC from web
                  • Guys, let's keep this thread alive and maybe we can get the alfalfa monster her own KYM page. !ponychan #

                    Saturday, 25-Jun-11 21:17:43 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • I THINK I DID IT RIGHT?

                    Saturday, 25-Jun-11 04:50:47 UTC from web
                  • oh meta, meta, meta, why so silly these days? !ponychan

                    Friday, 24-Jun-11 20:39:37 UTC from web
                    • Today I find myself actually posting on !ponychan. Well that is just what I need; another pony sub-hobby which consumes time that could be spent on doing important school work # What?

                      Friday, 24-Jun-11 17:42:27 UTC from web
                    • I feel like I'm falling into a rut, at least on !ponychan. My last three threads in /oat/ have all been about oatmeal.

                      Monday, 20-Jun-11 05:03:08 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                    • I wish the WT box on the Rainbow Dash !ponychan theme had a light blue background instead of white, so it'd grab less attention.

                      Wednesday, 15-Jun-11 05:42:17 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      • That was definitely a fun round of MMA, !ponychan. Until tomorrow!

                        Wednesday, 15-Jun-11 00:48:03 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      • This !ponychan assassin game has me on edge. I'm nervous that I could be missing an old post of mine and they'll target that.

                        Tuesday, 14-Jun-11 23:35:32 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                      • Is it bad that my new personal pastime is making "When I reach Page 15..." threads on /oat/? !ponychan

                        Saturday, 11-Jun-11 02:57:16 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                        • banned from !ponychan for reasons unknown to me. maybe it was the grapesio reference. maybe it was the picture of the filly suckling the horse's teat. whatever it is, it's not worthy of a ban that long. excuse me whilst i cry forever.

                          Thursday, 02-Jun-11 20:09:58 UTC from web
                        • DH Chat is dead, the IRC is just odd, brony chatango gave me a trojan, and /b/'s brony community just... sucks now.

                          Sunday, 01-May-11 22:26:26 UTC from web
                        • What's up with !ponychan tonight? I can't post: "Could not connect to the database. Please verify that your ponies are configured correctly, and then try again."

                          Thursday, 28-Apr-11 01:29:30 UTC from web
                        • Keep getting distracted by !ponychan >.< Confound these ponies, they are distracting me from ponies!!!

                          Tuesday, 26-Apr-11 22:20:10 UTC from web
                        • So, I'm going to ask the same question somepony asked on !ponychan this morning: It's Earth Day! Have you hugged your !fluttershy today?

                          Friday, 22-Apr-11 14:40:53 UTC from web
                        • !ponychan Best. Thread. Ever.

                          Friday, 15-Apr-11 00:04:24 UTC from web
                          • So, I just finished recording and submitting my karaoke of Winter Wrap-Up for !ponychan 's project. It came out better than I thought, but still... #

                            Monday, 11-Apr-11 17:31:50 UTC from web