Mithent (mithent)

  1. Think that episode 23 is my favourite now. Both cute and awesome. Don't hate on Scootaloo though!

    Friday, 15-Apr-11 19:01:37 UTC from web
  2. Just got a packet that I thought could be my mini-pony delivery! No such luck though, turned out to be my old school's very hefty newsletter.

    Friday, 15-Apr-11 17:04:07 UTC from StatusNet Android
  3. Less than an hour to ponies. Time to head home!

    Friday, 15-Apr-11 16:35:24 UTC from StatusNet Android
  4. @administrator But I don't waaaant toooo, Cabaaaal!

    Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 14:38:21 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  5. @sleepingautumn I have to admit, that reminds me of a BP oil spill parody I saw. Better throw a ping-pong ball at it. If that doesn't help...

    Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 14:32:53 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  6. @thelastgherkin Lounging sounds good to me!

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 17:24:38 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  7. @thelastgherkin Not bad, on my way home. Not quite as nice and warm as it was! How about you?

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:53:17 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  8. @rotation My lab went for # but I was in the middle of something, so couldn't go!

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 15:24:27 UTC from StatusNet Android
  9. @starshine Awesome!

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 14:11:20 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  10. @sleepingautumn I'm sure it was pretty similar! I didn't get to work on the real machines as I wasn't a radiation worker (oddly enough, I am now). Most of it was writing and performing manual tests to make sure nothing broke, though occasionally I did some programming of automated regression tests.

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 13:17:05 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  11. @sleepingautumn I've done that myself (as a holiday job when I was at university). I tested control software for medical linear accelerators, which sounds a lot fancier than it was (all on simulators). Preferred writing automated tests.

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 12:52:54 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  12. @flutterguy93 I know the feeling. I've not been quite that late recently, but left to my own devices I find it hard to get to bed much before 2am.

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 12:49:24 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  13. @critialcloudkicker Right :) Glad it's sorted now, I presume; I thought my motherboard's SATA controller was failing on me when it happened (kept occurring despite using a different HDD, etc.).

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 11:25:51 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  14. @critialcloudkicker Was that me on Steam then? I don't know if somepony else mentioned it first. If so, you're very welcome, and glad it helped! My similar problem frustrated me for months.

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 11:12:01 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  15. @roygbiv I wouldn't have liked that!

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 10:40:28 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  16. Hmm, that poorly-executed song I mentioned is suddenly getting a lot of comments on YouTube. Surely it hasn't hit Equestria Daily, I thought? ...#eeyup

    Monday, 11-Apr-11 18:05:09 UTC from StatusNet Android
  17. @trombe I need to submit my new version where I'm not trying to sing way out of my vocal range. It's an improvement at least...

    Monday, 11-Apr-11 18:02:45 UTC from StatusNet Android in context
  18. @cutiemarkcrusader I love those backwards interpretations (though the pilot is indeed sad!). Swarm of the Century backwards is about helpful parasprites lured by Pinkie to repair Ponyville and provide food; the other ponies try to persuade them to stay (while Pinkie returns some musical instruments), but then they start to eat each other. Eventually, Fluttershy loses the only one that's left.

    Sunday, 10-Apr-11 12:36:19 UTC from web in context
  19. @sparklingtwilight I bet yes.

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 15:57:40 UTC from web
  20. @celestia Thanks! :D

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 13:07:04 UTC from web in context
  21. @rotation That's always what I've said myself! I can't take credit for the original idea; it just kinda flowed from someone else posting the first line (that post didn't even get any replies).

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 13:06:50 UTC from web in context
  22. Clearly going mad. Now I've written a MLP version of Fireflies called Fluttershys. And sung it. WHY?

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 12:09:31 UTC from web in context
  23. @rotation The new one does seem quite slow!

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 12:06:39 UTC from web
  24. Ponies kept me up till nearly 3am last night. Can't sleep any later this morning because it's too bright. Confound these ponies, they doom me to tiredness.

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 08:49:53 UTC from web in context
  25. @zarkanorf 4chan, I assume...

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 01:23:39 UTC from web in context
  26. Why did I rewrite the lyrics of the FiM theme tune to relate to the fandom? I blame Steven Magnet.

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 00:25:47 UTC from web
  27. @administrator I don't think that running a social networking site that's related to a cartoon is really very similar to running a website that facilitates downloading of copyrighted content. Not saying the law isn't a grey area, but I don't see how this site could be argued to be depriving anyone of income (Hasbro aren't exactly in this field).

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 00:23:26 UTC from web in context
  28. @applebloomsarepetalknives We have this in the freezer downstairs in my institute: . Afraid I don't think I can send any your way though ;)

    Friday, 08-Apr-11 19:01:52 UTC from web in context
  29. @rainbowdash Ah, neat! I played D&D a while back, bur haven't played for years now. I joined the RPG society at uni when I was an undergrad, but never joined anything for some reason.

    Friday, 08-Apr-11 19:00:24 UTC from web in context
  30. @applebloomsarepetalknives It is a most useful reaction! I do a lot of PCR.

    Friday, 08-Apr-11 18:51:25 UTC from web in context