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United Kingdom

The group for everypony from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

United Kingdom Ponies (ukponies) group


  1. Speaking of plush Twilight, I can confirm her allcorn form and Spike are showing up in Build-A-Bear Workhouses all over the !UK.

    Thursday, 22-Aug-13 08:56:47 UTC from web
  2. Also if anyone in the !UK actually cares, I've seen plenty of fashion style Lunas in ASDA.

    Monday, 18-Mar-13 10:19:36 UTC from web
  3. Did anyone else in the !uk know that Asda now stock the three-pony mini moulded packs? Because they are, yo.

    Friday, 22-Feb-13 13:51:05 UTC from web
  4. !uk

    Sunday, 23-Dec-12 22:50:50 UTC from web
  5. !UK Oh hey, I think I spotted the new wave of brushies in ASDA today. Anyone who's on the look out for Trixie or something should check it out!

    Wednesday, 03-Oct-12 20:15:38 UTC from web
  6. !UK guys, Leonardo is back on CBBC at 5pm tomorrow and you should watch it because it's great. It's about a young Leonardo da Vinci having free-running adventures while inventing things and fighting evil.

    Wednesday, 19-Sep-12 21:15:06 UTC from web
  7. I don't suppose any !southwestbronies will be near Falmouth or Truro this weekend for a mini-meet? !uk !southwest

    Saturday, 25-Aug-12 10:01:25 UTC from web
  8. Did we ever get that box of blindbags in !UK Toys R Uses?

    Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 11:41:47 UTC from web
  9. !uk !yorkshire Want to show your support for Yorkshire at BUCK? Print out a badge, some businesscards and some posters!

    Thursday, 16-Aug-12 15:17:31 UTC from web
  10. !yorkshire !Uk The Wakefield meet had a dissapointing turnout, but more than made up for it in merch. Toys'r'us was a letdown, but we found another shop with a whole box of blindbags. Needless to say they are gone now... ^_^

    Saturday, 11-Aug-12 15:29:02 UTC from web
  11. My Little Pony gets a full page in yhe latest Argos catalogue! Highlights include a CMC three-pack in flower girl attire. :3

    Sunday, 05-Aug-12 15:25:49 UTC from web
  12. @wychwood !yorkshire !uk UKOE thread here

    Tuesday, 17-Jul-12 11:47:02 UTC from web
  13. !bronyukcon !uk Welp. My wallet just took a beating but I am now confirmed for BUCK!

    Sunday, 15-Jul-12 23:50:13 UTC from web
  14. Anyone going to the MCM in manchester next weekend? !UK

    Saturday, 14-Jul-12 22:07:24 UTC from web
  15. !uk here's the best group photo we have of Party in the Park

    Sunday, 01-Jul-12 22:41:54 UTC from web
  16. Any !uk folks go swimming today?

    Thursday, 28-Jun-12 19:58:39 UTC from web
  17. !Yorkshire !midlands !uk Further bumping the upcoming megameetup in Leeds to any and all Uk bronies able to get there, this is intended to be quite a bit larger than the average shindigs so come on down!!

    Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 21:58:02 UTC from web
    • As Gherkin already mentioned, the first wave of pony wedding merch. is available in the !uk, at Smyths. If you've been waiting on a bridesmaid core 6, or Princess Cadence, they are now available at £7.49 each and £14.99 respectively.

      Wednesday, 13-Jun-12 20:34:31 UTC from web
    • I saw a Princess Cadence talkie down in Cribbs Causeway, so if any Bristol-based !southwestbronies want to get their hooves on it I suggest you pop over to Smyths Toys sharpish! Meanwhile, any !UK Toys R Us is offering a free brushie with every £20 spent on ponies.

      Saturday, 09-Jun-12 17:39:47 UTC from web
      • Well I better be going to bed now. !midlands !uk anyone going to Birmingham, I'll be wearing Pinkie Pie shirt with "Smile!" on it, and my train is due to arrive at 11:16. See you all there!

        Friday, 01-Jun-12 23:24:11 UTC from web
        • !uk !midlands Booked train ticket. I'm coming to Birmingham!

          Sunday, 27-May-12 21:41:20 UTC from web
        • !UK I just nostalgia'd everywhere.

          Sunday, 27-May-12 20:17:37 UTC from web
          • So, bar for @bitshift is anypony from here on RDN going to the June 2nd Birmingham Meet? I am if my rail card arrives on time, ordered it yesterday. !uk

            Thursday, 24-May-12 08:07:03 UTC from web
          • Is anypony going to the Birmingham Meetup on June 2nd? If my rail card arrives in time I probably will be :) My first meetup was in Birmingham last September, indicidentally. :) !uk

            Wednesday, 23-May-12 15:58:24 UTC from web
            • If anypony wants to watch the vlog I made for the Cardiff meetup on Saturday, here's a link. Send me your YouTube username in a message on here. :) !uk

              Monday, 21-May-12 14:17:09 UTC from web
              • Uploading the vlog from yesterday's Cardiff Brony Meetup, if anypony wants to see it for whatever reason then send me your YouTube username. :( !uk

                Sunday, 20-May-12 18:19:30 UTC from web
              • !UK Disney's Hercules is on Channel 5 at five past five. Be there or be square.

                Sunday, 20-May-12 15:58:39 UTC from web
              • Headed home from the Cardiff Meetup now, 'twas a great day and I can't wait to get my vlog and full write up done when I get home. ^^ !uk

                Saturday, 19-May-12 20:38:13 UTC from web
                • Now on the train to Cardiff Central for the Brony Meetup, if anypony from here is going I shall see you there. ^^ !uk

                  Saturday, 19-May-12 09:27:56 UTC from web
                  • Cardiff Meetup is just one day away now. ^^ I'm especially excited about this one as a good online friend of mine will be there, someone I met well before the whole Brony concept came around. Of course I'm excited to meet some new people as well :) !uk

                    Thursday, 17-May-12 23:58:26 UTC from web