1. I feel like I'm falling into a rut, at least on !ponychan. My last three threads in /oat/ have all been about oatmeal.

    Monday, 20-Jun-11 05:03:08 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    1. @redenchilada know what yall should talk about? Carcino.

      Monday, 20-Jun-11 05:03:52 UTC from web
      1. @carcinopony What would a Carcino thread even be about? How Carcino enjoys his oatmeal?

        Monday, 20-Jun-11 05:05:14 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        1. @redenchilada you know it, you could talk about how much of an interesting and conflicted character I am.

          Monday, 20-Jun-11 05:06:33 UTC from web
        2. @redenchilada booze and #

          Monday, 20-Jun-11 05:06:51 UTC from web