Scribus (scribus)'s status on Tuesday, 01-Jun-21 00:43:00 UTC

  1. @zeldatra Even after all of the updates and finally putting pools into the base game, I just cannot stand Sims 4. They're too dumb, and they're too bad at listening to the User. The multitasking is cool, and they don't clutter at stairs and doorways as badly as 3, but really.... That's about it, gameplay-wise, for me. Otherwise it's like they traded one graphical step forward for two or three game steps back. I hire a babysitter, I go to the bar with my wife, I come home at 3 AM and the toddler is unfed in the backyard playing around in a dirty diaper and that was about when I decided the game was literally unfinished and in Cimmeria, by Crom, pushing unfinished software to market would cost one's HEAD!! lol

    about 4 months ago from web in context