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  1. !vgp If any of you play #

    Thursday, 21-Dec-17 06:56:59 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  2. So have any of you listened to # yet? What'd you think of it?

    Monday, 17-Feb-14 23:25:21 UTC from web
  3. I'm sorry
    I didn't mean to fly away
    I'm sorry
    I've lost myself today

    I chased maturity so long that I've learned to surrender
    I gave my mind to someone and I watched it burn to embers

    Was it something that I said?
    An empty room, an empty bed
    This library is just a shadow of what it used to be.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:33:24 UTC from web
  4. Did they ask about the filly in the mask?
    Did they even care at all?
    Did they hold out for a princess who never came?
    Would they catch her when she falls?

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:21:02 UTC from web
  5. I never wanted power!
    I never wanted fame!
    I never wanted wings!
    But, my! Look how that changed!
    All I want to do
    Is watch it burn
    Look how many fell
    Guess it's now my turn
    So, to your offer
    I must enact
    You changed my life
    There's no changing back.
    All I learned was true
    Free will's a myth...

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 23:09:30 UTC from web
  6. If royal work is what you want
    I'll show you now just what I've got
    It doesn't matter who makes the rules around here
    This work in progress moves as planned
    Set in motion by your own…


    It's not like I can't make up words around here.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:58:52 UTC from web
  7. And every friend along the way was just a tool, was just a tool
    And every little boundary was just the rules, was just the rules
    And everyone who listened in was just a fool, was just a fool
    When I'd be crowned and you'd bow down and tell me everything was fine
    When you would speak of destinies, I only know this isn't mine.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:47:48 UTC from web
  8. There is no other time
    So wear your broken crown with pride
    Learn boundaries you'll never find
    You broke your word
    I won't break mine
    There is no talking back
    Now watch as she reacts.
    So perfect dressed in black
    And still I'm thinking that...
    It feels like...

    The stars are burning out.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:35:58 UTC from web
  9. Does the @#staff want me to stop promoting # in this way? I'm sorry if I annoyed you, I just thought that posting a snippet of lyrics from each track on the album in order would be a cool way to generate buzz for it. (sorry for deleting and reposting this, I thought it posted wrong but I guess it didn't?)

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:26:53 UTC from web in context
  10. I hoped I never had to say
    Your five friends are still in the way
    Distractions only lead astray
    I'm sorry there's no other way…

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:17:30 UTC from web in context
  11. I'll let you down
    I'll leave you hurt
    I lost my voice
    Yet, I'm still screaming

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:10:32 UTC from web
  12. She wore the crown with borrowed pride
    We shed some tears and raised her high
    Hail our new Princess Twilight
    Take to the sky.

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 22:05:00 UTC from web
  13. Somebody told me of a silly little thing called destiny
    Go unchecked, I’ll go blind finding how it got the best of me

    The moon and the sun, the stars in the sky
    Alone on the top, I don’t even want to try.
    We've made it this far all my good friends
    I really don’t want this to be the end.

    What if I can’t?
    What if I don’t?
    What if I’m not?
    What if I won’t?

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 21:57:14 UTC from web
  14. I want you to look up.
    Do you see the stars in the night sky?
    They remain as a constant reminder.
    In every one of those glimmering lights, there’s a piece of you.
    Every fiber of your being came from these humble giants.
    When you feel the world is bearing down on you, just look up.
    No matter how scared you are.
    You are not alone, and you never will be.
    As long as you keep looking up,
    You’ll always find your way…

    # # #

    Sunday, 16-Feb-14 21:45:11 UTC from web
  15. that chapter talks about not to hunt after #, primarily said so by people who believe # is the prime mover and not the hangovers you suggest

    Friday, 29-Nov-13 04:13:34 UTC from in context
  16. @R2Des2: # # # # # # # @tarastrong @LolliChainsaw hot!!

    Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 17:50:24 UTC from Tara's Hands
  17. @vinc17 Maybe that is where you should be ? # # #

    Friday, 05-Aug-11 13:21:59 UTC from in context