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Everypony is gay for him. No exceptions.

Braeburn (braeburn) group


  1. More adorable !braeburn

    Sunday, 02-Dec-12 20:32:37 UTC from web
  2. !braeburn

    Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 23:20:11 UTC from web
    • I found my new mfw; !braeburn

      Saturday, 06-Oct-12 11:10:40 UTC from web
      • Everyone. Look at Wikipedia's featured article. !braeburn

        Friday, 05-Oct-12 12:36:45 UTC from web
      • D'awwwwwwwwwww !braeburn !soarin

        Tuesday, 04-Sep-12 22:41:27 UTC from web
        • Seems the !everfreeradio group is seldom used here. So I'll start off by saying I was the Cameramare for the majority of the EFNW coverage on Everfree Radio.

          Thursday, 23-Aug-12 07:48:39 UTC from web
        • @woona I included those five, because I know that you, me, Phishy, Cavatina and Spammy have the same interest in !Braeburn as each other. x3

          Monday, 20-Aug-12 16:47:55 UTC from web
        • So I wound up casually chatting with Andrew Francis several times throughout #, never once recognizing who he was. !aaaaappleloosa

          Monday, 20-Aug-12 06:54:52 UTC from web
        • I feel like a 5-year old. This what I've been doing.

          Wednesday, 08-Aug-12 13:53:35 UTC from web
        • [b]Possible Hoity Toity Blindbag on Ebay![/b]: Much like Zecora a while back, it looks like Hoity Toity has popped up on Ebay. While we can't confirm that it is real yet, all sources point to it definitely being legit. Everything about it matches the other blind bag collectables. My guess this time around would be it being a part of the Rarity set. Maybe we will see a Photo Finish pick up the third slot? You can check it out >

          Wednesday, 08-Aug-12 05:22:05 UTC from Sethisto

          Tuesday, 07-Aug-12 22:00:34 UTC from web
        • !braeburn

          Sunday, 05-Aug-12 21:21:50 UTC from web
        • @greydragon412 Nope, we need to get !braeburn or !thunderlane or !mintisflank into the top groups

          Monday, 30-Jul-12 13:02:26 UTC from web
        • [b]Flash: Wake Up Applejack! / SPAAACE[/b]: More crazy animation/flash for you guys, though the first rolls a bit more in the PMV direction. We have Applejack up above, and Rainbow Dash flying through SPAAACE below. Is it still space if it's that high above the moon? Or is that technically still the moon? I guess I should look that up some time... Anyway, click for full! >

          Saturday, 28-Jul-12 04:21:04 UTC from Sethisto
        • [b]Daniel Ingram and Andrew Francis Confirmed for Everfree Northwest![/b]: You heard it right, folks! Check out the press release under the break! >

          Saturday, 28-Jul-12 01:00:06 UTC from PK
        • @silverfeather Out of the mane six, I'd agree. Though !Braeburn is best.

          Friday, 27-Jul-12 13:57:56 UTC from web

          Thursday, 26-Jul-12 14:33:31 UTC from web
        • @greydragon412 BETTER Waifu pic

          Thursday, 26-Jul-12 14:16:42 UTC from web
        • @greydragon412 !Braeburn because Braeburn.

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:03:56 UTC from web
        • @greydragon412 Twilight/Fluttershy are best mane six ponies, in my eyes. Nopony can top !Braeburn, though.

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 16:50:04 UTC from web
        • Why did I make a sequel, cuz I felt like it :P

          Saturday, 21-Jul-12 21:44:15 UTC from web
        • Thanks for the welcomes, everyone!

          Saturday, 21-Jul-12 18:54:06 UTC from web
        • List of things that RDN likes: Butts. Ponies. Pony butts. And !mintisflank.

          Saturday, 21-Jul-12 14:41:29 UTC from web
        • !Braeburn

          Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 18:42:36 UTC from web
        • !braeburn

          Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 12:10:59 UTC from web
        • @snowcone No... woonas waifu is woona, MY waifu is !braeburn

          Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 02:12:03 UTC from web
        • !Braeburn OOMPH!!

          Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 01:52:29 UTC from web
          • @greydragon412 !Braeburn apples are best apples.

            Monday, 16-Jul-12 17:20:04 UTC from web
          • @mrconventrix I'm not popular and I created the !Braeburn group. #

            Sunday, 15-Jul-12 20:35:57 UTC from web
          • !braeburn !soarin

            Saturday, 14-Jul-12 22:59:48 UTC from web