1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @greydragon412 Braeburn because butt

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:03:50 UTC from web
    2. @greydragon412 !Braeburn because Braeburn.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:03:56 UTC from web
    3. @greydragon412 everypony beacous I love them all equaly and cant pick a favorit

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:04:08 UTC from web
      1. @cajunbrony23 Ugly commie!

        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:06:14 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos thanks for that, I shuld go die now shuldnt I?

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:07:10 UTC from web
        2. @nerthos thank you for insulting me, I'm shure that my hurt feelings will make you happy, as I will probably stay depressed forever

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:10:34 UTC from web
          1. @cajunbrony23 Yes, I'm the most offensive guy in the world, and that insult made all religions cry.

            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:11:23 UTC from web
            1. @nerthos I'm also shure that fact that I'm susidle atm will also make you happy

              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:12:52 UTC from web
              1. @cajunbrony23 Susidle?

                Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:13:12 UTC from web
                1. @nerthos Don't provoke him.

                  Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:13:37 UTC from web
                  1. @scribus I was actually trying to understand what he tried to type.

                    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:14:48 UTC from web
                    1. @nerthos Well, don't provoke him once you understand.

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:15:58 UTC from web
                      1. @scribus Meh, I don't have a reason to do so.

                        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:16:31 UTC from web
                2. @nerthos wanting to kill one self, I cant spell and that will never change I'm not meant to live in this world

                  Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:14:19 UTC from web
                  1. @cajunbrony23 You know, this world is a pretty horrible place because it is full of a***oles who are to stupid to see their own flaws and point to the flaws of others to explain why the world is not perfect. This world needs people who see their own weakness and want to improve.

                    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:18:53 UTC from web
                    1. @hakupony dosnt change that I'm depressed.

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:23:16 UTC from web
                      1. @cajunbrony23 Hey, watch ponies, listen to Pinkie Pie songs. I just can tell you why I think that humankind can be happy that there are people with depressions who are vocal instead of suicidal.

                        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:26:40 UTC from web
                        1. @hakupony what would it matter?

                          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:27:18 UTC from web
                        2. @hakupony I'll just go right back to feeling like this again

                          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:27:38 UTC from web
                        3. @hakupony Pinkie in skyrim epic mod

                          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:27:59 UTC from web
              2. @cajunbrony23 Don't listen to nerthos. He insults everyone - that he choosed such a pathetic excuse for an insult shows he was not serious.

                Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:15:04 UTC from web
                1. @hakupony :3

                  Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:15:59 UTC from web
                  1. @nerthos CAT

                    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:17:20 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                    1. @derpyshy WHERE? :D

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:17:34 UTC from web
                      1. @nerthos you!

                        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:19:40 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                        1. @derpyshy I'm a cat? My dreams come true!

                          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:21:01 UTC from web
                          1. @nerthos I wish I was you... ... not really.

                            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:39:37 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          2. @cajunbrony23 Ignore him. Actually, he may even have been joking....

            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:13:56 UTC from web
    4. @greydragon412 Gilda. Because. /argument.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:04:16 UTC from web
    5. @greydragon412 >Best pony >reasons

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:05:42 UTC from web
    6. It's best pony. It's a hard point to argue seriously.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:06:36 UTC from web
      1. @eaglehooves who put the blue background on that vector? because whoever did it cocked it up and left a big white outline surrounding it

        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:08:11 UTC from web
        1. @purplephish20 I dunno. I really should go fix that.

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:09:08 UTC from web
    7. @greydragon412 Voice, character model, voice, attitude and voice.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:08:03 UTC from web
    8. @greydragon412 Those are the reasons why Braeburn is best pony

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:09:05 UTC from web
    9. @greydragon412 He has an awesome voice, he is by far the most physically appealing pony, his actual dialogue is some of the funniest in the show, a great personality..... what more is needed?

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:11:13 UTC from web
      1. @purplephish20 @scribble @greydragon412 WHile i agree, i find it really odd that he barely had any lines in that one episode he's in, yet he's our favourite. I dont know why, but saying that just makes him more awesome doesnt work. It kinda makes our desire/obsession over him fairly lust-ish. Which makes me think it's mostly voice and looks, because there isnt enough of a character for us to analyse yet :3.

        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:13:50 UTC from web
        1. @cavatina Well i'll watch over a barrel again and get a better picture of him as a character.... aside from just the fanart

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:14:44 UTC from web
          1. @purplephish20 @scribble @greydragon412 @hakupony The thing is, braeburn's personality is mostly developed through the Fanon i've noticed, we dont have enough of him to judge his canon persona...because he's barely in the show. Still best pony though, but we need more of him. Sadly, Appleloosa is good for only one episode, so we need him in ponyville!

            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:17:52 UTC from web
            1. @cavatina Like season 1 Luna, and season 1 Luna was great.

              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:18:54 UTC from web
              1. @nerthos season 2 luna was great...

                Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:19:21 UTC from web
                1. @purplephish20 I think we both know all Lunas are awesome.

                  Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:20:36 UTC from web
            2. @cavatina MOAR BRAEBURN! Can you imagine how loud I would scream if he turned up randomly at sweet apple acres one episode?

              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:19:03 UTC from web
              1. @purplephish20 Yesyes, exactly. But the thing is, if he has a really minor role, like, barely there for 1 minute, no speaking, etc? Nah. That wouldnt be anything worth getting happy about :/ Because he isnt really...there D:

                Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:22:37 UTC from web
            3. @cavatina Only good for one episode? I'm sure they could think of an excuse to go back.

              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:19:41 UTC from web
              1. @eaglehooves Hmm, maybe. But i mean within the shows moral learnings...i cant think of any D:

                Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:21:00 UTC from web
                1. @cavatina Something something family? (The Apple family has a decent presence there, right?)

                  Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:23:04 UTC from web
                  1. @eaglehooves Yeah. BUT I'M SICK OF THE APPLE FAMILY XD. Season 2 was about them entirely xD

                    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:23:32 UTC from web
                    1. @cavatina I'd love to see more of the other ponies' families. And I really hope Scootaloo finally gets an episode.

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:24:59 UTC from web
                    2. @cavatina But apple family is best family.

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:26:15 UTC from web
                      1. @abigpony They were overused, oddly enough, i cared less about them then i did before just because of too much >.<

                        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:27:49 UTC from web
                        1. @cavatina But they are best family. They're THE BEsT THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST

                          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:28:48 UTC from web
                        2. @cavatina I see where you get from. I really would like to know about the Families of RD or Fluttershy, because I'm rather interested in the Society of Cloudsdale - the apple family is great but we would like to know about where the others come from as well.

                          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:30:10 UTC from web
                          1. @hakupony The family i wanna see explored is Scootaloo's. Honestly we know NOTHING about her beyond what we see on screen :/

                            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:30:58 UTC from web
                            1. @cavatina We generally need Scootaloo episodes...

                              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:32:51 UTC from web
                            2. @cavatina I dunno. Being able to fill in the details your own way is kinda nice. Unless it's really good, I'll stick with the status quo on this one.

                              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:34:15 UTC from web
                          2. @hakupony This is true as well, we've never seen Dash's or Fluttershy's families. It is also debatable whether or not we've *actually* seen Pinkie Pie's family.

                            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:33:08 UTC from web
                            1. @toksyuryel PEGASI DON'T _HAVE_ FAMILIES

                              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:34:29 UTC from web
                      2. @abigpony Pie family is best family

                        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:28:24 UTC from web
                        1. @killerkiwi117 They were dreary and unhappy with the way the parents ran their lives as well as their professions. They don't even keep in touch anymore.

                          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:30:41 UTC from web
                          1. @abigpony Your right, scratch that, Latta family is best family!

                            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:31:16 UTC from web
            4. @cavatina I personally don't think that Braeburn is best pony because I don't know enough of him to judge on that. He is hadsome and he is interesting. However, RD still is best pony for me.

              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:21:13 UTC from web
              1. @hakupony (\

                Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:21:47 UTC from web
                1. @nerthos /)

                  Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:22:08 UTC from web
                  1. @hakupony Best brohoof ever. (\ /)

                    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:22:32 UTC from web
                    1. @nerthos Looks like a fight starting.

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:23:49 UTC from web
                      1. @redenchilada Reminds me of that Megaman boss.

                        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:25:33 UTC from web
                  2. @hakupony /)?

                    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:23:05 UTC from web
                    1. @bluetearainbowdash sure (\

                      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:23:40 UTC from web
    10. @greydragon412 Yes, it is because Braeburn. But seriously: pointing to the things you do like is the closest you can gget to a reason...

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:12:11 UTC from web
    11. @thatonepony Ut's like the joker is really at this Metallica concert!

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:16:16 UTC from web
    12. @thatonepony Go be black somewhere else.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:17:38 UTC from web
    13. @thatonepony My mic was really loud, why didn't anyone say anything?

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:18:42 UTC from web
      1. @carcino I said something! :(

        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:19:08 UTC from web
        1. @redenchilada Shush you.

          Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:19:51 UTC from web
          1. @carcino You can't make me.

            Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:20:30 UTC from web
            1. @redenchilada Then welcome to the part.

              Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:21:23 UTC from web
              1. @carcino :D

                Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:22:01 UTC from web
                1. @redenchilada Party.

                  Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:22:54 UTC from web
    14. @thatonepony I'll play around with it.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:20:43 UTC from web
    15. @thatonepony /) /) /) /)i have so many hoof

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:26:10 UTC from web
      1. @bluetearainbowdash How are you not falling over?

        Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:27:36 UTC from web
    16. @thatonepony >Granny Smith gives him a grapes. Oh god why.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:29:57 UTC from web
    17. @thatonepony ... imho they would be best family if they did...

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:31:20 UTC from web
    18. @thatonepony >implying erection

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:31:44 UTC from web
    19. @thatonepony *shrug*

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:32:45 UTC from web
    20. @thatonepony You know that ain't me, dawg.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 22:34:10 UTC from web