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  1. !art I tried to draw mai waifu, but mai waifu is not as cute as mai waifu is in the show. She is also chubby. She is mai chubby waifu.

    Thursday, 12-Dec-13 00:52:33 UTC from web
  2. Braeburn is my Waifu...

    Thursday, 21-Feb-13 01:41:00 UTC from web
  3. !waifucrusaders Not sure who is taken besides @welcomepony and Pinkie Pie...

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 06:01:57 UTC from web
  4. !waifucrusaders Pinkie Pie is mine. c:

    Friday, 24-Aug-12 15:50:52 UTC from web
    • !blameredenchilada !swass !hakunamatata !hughaku !aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !lyricastream !halobronies !thunderlane !soarin !hugwoona !waifucrusaders !skypers !yet !hugrenovatedkitchen !rdngaming !chrishemsworth !stallions !groupname !thebrits !blamegherkin !hugscribble !mintrefresh !saved !hugcavatina !lurk !tummywubwub !scootabuse !rdnbirthday !northengland !teamfortress2 !mrscake !lolsleep !forscience !eqdaily !lyreponies !lnrdn !lgbt !thankmrdragon !coffeehousebackup !rdncomic A full 2 pages of groups I'm in... yikes!

      Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 00:08:45 UTC from web
    • my dream come true! :P

      Monday, 16-Jul-12 05:45:29 UTC from web
    • is it with parenthesis or quotations or any thing at all?

      Sunday, 01-Jul-12 19:07:27 UTC from web
    • hello i'm new on this blog :)

      Saturday, 30-Jun-12 15:39:50 UTC from web
    • @mushi im just new to this network and want to find a group

      Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 16:35:41 UTC from web
    • We are the cutie mark crusaders... hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm

      Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 00:02:35 UTC from StatusNet Android
    • woops.. wrong one. !waifucrusaders

      Wednesday, 13-Jun-12 12:08:26 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders update

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 00:14:57 UTC from web
    • @queenchrysalis It's !waifucrusaders. Adult Applebloom is Retard the OC's waifu

      Monday, 28-May-12 01:46:43 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders did you guys know twilight is my schmoopy woopy sweetie weetie pony pie ?

      Wednesday, 23-May-12 23:51:17 UTC from web
    • I love it when me and vinyl share an ipod. #

      Wednesday, 23-May-12 04:11:05 UTC from web

      Monday, 21-May-12 21:30:48 UTC from web
    • Morning everypony. :3

      Monday, 21-May-12 06:59:12 UTC from web
    • Why does my head hurt so much this morning?

      Sunday, 20-May-12 13:24:01 UTC from web
    • @omni It's all the rage! !waifucrusaders

      Sunday, 20-May-12 12:23:46 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders I'll probably make Big Mac face forward later.. for now, this will do.

      Thursday, 17-May-12 04:06:31 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders I'm leaning toward Roseluck for Soulshine's waifu. Any other recommendation?

      Wednesday, 16-May-12 19:59:08 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders one day we shuld all have our waifus have a girls night out XD

      Wednesday, 16-May-12 00:41:05 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders I'm crusadin for a waifu... Preferably tech inclined:P

      Tuesday, 15-May-12 04:18:11 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders

      Tuesday, 15-May-12 04:12:57 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders Before someone else does it, I claim CC from Code Geass and Victoria from Hellsing. Hehe, I'm building a waifu harem.

      Monday, 14-May-12 00:11:33 UTC from web
    • and now. Good night you all. Enjoy your time with your waifus !WaifuCrusaders XD

      Sunday, 13-May-12 04:11:28 UTC from web
    • !waifucrusaders so where are the rest of the crusaders? It seems ah'm the first to mah cutie mark in... whatever this is.

      Sunday, 13-May-12 01:50:07 UTC from web
      • !waifucrusaders Since the group is still starting, I claim Rainbow Dash, and I claim Nah too even if just to make carcino rage.

        Sunday, 13-May-12 01:47:58 UTC from web
        • !Waifucrusaders we rule haha

          Sunday, 13-May-12 01:33:45 UTC from web
          • a waifu to all the ponies ! !WaifuCrusaders #

            Sunday, 13-May-12 01:31:31 UTC from web