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Mint Refresh

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A script akin to RDNRefresh. Refreshes the timeline of the page by fetching data from the site and asynchronously displays it on the page for your viewing pleasure!

Mint Refresh (mintrefresh) group


  1. !mintrefresh master race

    Sunday, 30-Aug-15 15:23:32 UTC from web
    • !MintRefresh updated. Changelog - NONE HAHAH I'm just forcing you all to update so that the kill script kicks in and you don't complain about double buttons.

      Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 05:30:33 UTC from web
    • Another pointless one.

      Wednesday, 29-Oct-14 01:50:20 UTC from web
    • I still miss its "make entire post blue" reply notification.

      Wednesday, 06-Nov-13 21:18:42 UTC from web
    • hey guys. remember !mintrefresh?

      Wednesday, 06-Nov-13 21:16:05 UTC from web
    • I'm actually disappointed neither !rdnrefresh nor !mintrefresh ever had a <marquee>option</marquee>

      Sunday, 16-Jun-13 14:12:15 UTC from web
    • !MintRefresh I'm totally never letting this group die. GUNNA KEEP POSTING IN IT. I miss my baby ;-;

      Sunday, 16-Jun-13 13:59:37 UTC from web
    • Man, reading through !MintRefresh and !RDNRefresh's pages. I miss them. :'(

      Wednesday, 10-Apr-13 07:57:16 UTC from web
      • [color=pink]:[/color]3

        Wednesday, 06-Feb-13 12:17:43 UTC from web
      • I wish @minti hadn't abandoned !mintrefresh =/ it was more than just a refresh script, and the additional parts of it still haven't been merged into !rdnplus.

        Monday, 04-Feb-13 12:32:26 UTC from web
        • ‮ @toksyuryel

          Sunday, 23-Dec-12 23:03:04 UTC from web
        • When life gives you spaghetti, pour sauce on it.

          Saturday, 08-Dec-12 09:08:43 UTC from web
        • @ramiel Uh.... change of ownership, maybe some cosmetic stuff, refresh is built-in now instead of needing !RDNrefresh or !MintRefresh, and there's a language filter in place. Think that sums up the changes.

          Thursday, 04-Oct-12 05:06:07 UTC from web
        • The one thing I miss most from !MintRefresh is the animated thumbnails. xD

          Wednesday, 03-Oct-12 23:15:19 UTC from web
        • @widget I dunno, it's about the same weight as doing bolt text. I had it in !MintRefresh for like a week and it was really neat xD

          Thursday, 27-Sep-12 05:26:52 UTC from web
        • Well looks like I just found another reason why I can't get rid of !mintrefresh yet. RDN Plus's spoiler button doesn't actually ROT13 anything, and its key icon doesn't either.

          Thursday, 27-Sep-12 04:47:17 UTC from web
        • again....

          Thursday, 27-Sep-12 04:09:04 UTC from web
        • @widget I'm curious, is it possible for the spoiler button to automatically add the spoiler tag too?

          Wednesday, 26-Sep-12 05:40:39 UTC from web
        • @widget @minti just wow! I love the real time thing going on here! Now I know Minti did the test site and everything, but who else is to thank for it?

          Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 05:42:43 UTC from web
        • @widget There's actually quite a few, I've had many people out-right tell me that my script sucks and it's a wanna be version of yours and that they'll never use it. xD

          Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 05:13:25 UTC from web
        • And the world once again.....knew the safety of Minti was restored.... because he posted.

          Tuesday, 25-Sep-12 03:27:21 UTC from web
        • !MintRefresh I should just start posting the diff file as a changelog. XD

          Monday, 24-Sep-12 23:22:06 UTC from web
          • !MintRefresh Updated - This update is completely optional. ChangeLog: Removed SBN from includes, added a kill switch for when RDNPlus is added (RDN Refresh already has this kill switch.)

            Monday, 24-Sep-12 23:01:40 UTC from web
          • Enjoying on Rainbow Dash!!

            Tuesday, 18-Sep-12 09:06:58 UTC from web
          • @bronyrd yup! If you'd like an autorefresher for the site I recommend !mintrefresh or !RDNrefresh

            Monday, 17-Sep-12 08:07:01 UTC from web
          • Hey guys, @eqdpony doesn't read these right? It's a bot or something right?

            Wednesday, 12-Sep-12 02:15:53 UTC from web
          • !mintrefresh I think i'm using it wrong how do i use this?

            Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 15:46:02 UTC from web
          • !mintrefresh

            Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 15:44:57 UTC from web
            • oh cool

              Tuesday, 11-Sep-12 15:40:37 UTC from web