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  1. Wallpaper Compilation #: Tech support Fluttershy is here to overclock your ram and reseat your CPU.  So far her Yelp reviews consist of everything from ADORABLE to I think she may have cracked by motherboard with her hooves, but it was worth it.  Get your wallpapers below! And remember to click the source links for full size. Wallpaper >

    Tuesday, 17-Sep-13 01:10:04 UTC from Sethisto
  2. Listening to # #

    Thursday, 13-Jun-13 07:38:12 UTC from at 45°27'51"N 9°11'22"E
  3. Custom Compilation #: Alright guys, I have the ultimate plan, but I need your help with it.  First off, we need to rob a ton of banks.  It may sound dangerous, but you would do it for Luna wouldn't you? Once that is complete, wire all the money to my.  From there, I'll win this , and use the rest of bank donated money to develop a duplication device.  Chances are this portion of the plan will take a couple decades, but once >

    Thursday, 23-May-13 00:10:04 UTC from Sethisto
  4. Music of the Day #: Dancing edition! We have 18 songs for you all tonight.  Head on down past the break to give them  a listen! >

    Monday, 29-Apr-13 04:10:07 UTC from Sethisto in context
  5. Plushie Compilation #: If anyone decided to declare war on Equestria I think the sight of Luna in battle gear like this would make me turn tail in retreat. I certainly don't want to get cut up by the Princess of the Night. Piles of pony plushies can be yours after the break! Luna in armor >

    Saturday, 09-Feb-13 23:10:03 UTC from Calpain
  6. I finally made !eqdaily in photographic form. (Nightly Roundup #)

    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 04:53:25 UTC from web in context

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