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The Princess Celestia Fan Club

The Princess Celestia Fan Club

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  1. Yes, mistress. !Celestia !bestpony

    Sunday, 03-Aug-14 23:00:49 UTC from web
  2. @snowcone Yes she is! !Celestia

    Monday, 16-Jun-14 05:48:29 UTC from web
  3. !celestia is nit best pone but IS SECOND BETS PRONCESS!

    Friday, 13-Jun-14 08:05:36 UTC from web
  4. @oracle The main group I wanna admin is !Celestia

    Friday, 13-Jun-14 08:04:07 UTC from web
  5. @#Celestia !Celestia !saved

    Thursday, 05-Jun-14 16:59:33 UTC from web
    • How # !Celestia @#Celestia

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:12:23 UTC from web
    • !Celestia and # strike

      Monday, 30-Dec-13 09:25:33 UTC from web
      • !Twilight_Sparkle !Celestia

        Saturday, 28-Dec-13 16:02:35 UTC from web
        • .

          Monday, 16-Dec-13 12:30:11 UTC from web
        • "Man, this is bullkiwi. bananas the American Dream."

          Thursday, 05-Dec-13 22:30:31 UTC from web
        • Also Celestia uses all six elements by herself, indicating she's the coolest horse. And that in the present she's either drained or very lazy.

          Tuesday, 26-Nov-13 10:02:15 UTC from web
        • My favorite pony of non-standard design also happens to be the indisputable best pony. !Celestia

          Tuesday, 19-Nov-13 12:41:30 UTC from web
          • I was asked by a kid yesterday why I have a Pinkie Pie sticker on the back of my car. I simply responded, "Cause I watch the show! :) I love all kinds of cartoons." Little does that kid know that I am full-blown obsessed with this cartoon in particular. I thought I salvaged the situation rather well, considering.

            Friday, 08-Nov-13 20:41:44 UTC from web
          • !Celestia @#Celestia

            Saturday, 12-Oct-13 14:12:04 UTC from web
            • !celestia I have a queen size bed myself.

              Saturday, 12-Oct-13 14:08:46 UTC from web
            • !Celestia @#Celestia Here's one reason why she's best pony.

              Saturday, 31-Aug-13 13:03:38 UTC from web
              • !saved !ppr !Celestia @#Celestia

                Friday, 16-Aug-13 13:46:38 UTC from web
                • I'm not displeased with the portrayal of !Celestia, and Sombra seems fantastically formidable.

                  Sunday, 04-Aug-13 04:28:19 UTC from web
                  • Clearly !Celestia is and will forever be best pony even after all the mane 6 and background ponies are no more than dust..

                    Thursday, 18-Jul-13 05:57:43 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                    • # has new meaning @#lightshipping !Pinkie_Pie !Celestia

                      Tuesday, 09-Jul-13 15:28:03 UTC from web
                    • DAMNIT @pony I TOLD U STAHHHHHP

                      Wednesday, 26-Jun-13 18:29:23 UTC from web
                    • She's raised the sun nearly four hundred thousand times. How many reps you can do is wholly irrelevant. -- !Celestia

                      Wednesday, 26-Jun-13 18:56:48 UTC from web
                      • Could have killed the element bearers it means.. True if she tricked them into surrendering the elements first I think. Easily. But then Discord would have dethroned her later. Anyway, !Celestia is the bestia.

                        Tuesday, 18-Jun-13 21:54:22 UTC from web
                        • !Celestia is the bestia.

                          Tuesday, 18-Jun-13 21:32:29 UTC from web
                        • I don't know. Their all awesome. But I would have to say... Apple Jack

                          Tuesday, 18-Jun-13 05:20:17 UTC from web
                        • YES! I want every cover! !Celestia

                          Friday, 14-Jun-13 14:08:36 UTC from web
                          • Yo, why does everyone like Luna so much?

                            Wednesday, 05-Jun-13 23:17:28 UTC from web
                          • !ppr !saved # picks -- !Twilight_Sparkle @#Twilight -- # @#Spitfire -- !Luna @#Luna -- !Fluttershy @#Fluttershy -- !Celestia @#Celestia -- !Pinkie_Pie @#Pinkie -- !Rainbow_Dash @#RD -- # -- # @#Derpy -- # @#Vinyl -- #

                            Thursday, 23-May-13 20:01:15 UTC from web
                          • !ppr !saved !Sweetie_Belle @#Sweetie !Scootaloo @#Scootaloo !Celestia @#Celestia # @#Lyra !Applejack @#AJ

                            Thursday, 23-May-13 19:58:05 UTC from web
                          • @spool aw sweet! I so want that compilation.

                            Thursday, 23-May-13 06:26:20 UTC from MuSTArDroid