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  1. @ceruleanspark They actually said that? I don't believe for a minute that the !mane6 team was avoiding drudgery by using characters they loved. I do think Mane6 crossed a line and the C&D was necessary to maintain the IP's protection, but, in the case of fanfiction/art, commentary can include admiration for the work through detailed imitation of style etc. and not only through whatever it is MAD TV does. I almost wouldn't pay much attention to this, but, as an artist myself I know the effort that goes into something like that background and I actually like that particular piece of art more than most of the screenshots in the show. Also, there are definite differences between what was made by the fan artist and what exists in the show if you look closely so I'm led to believe that it's not simply a tracing and even more than a re-drawing.

    Tuesday, 13-Aug-13 08:30:34 UTC from web in context
  2. but I don't see any of hasbro's IP in that background per se. Is Twi's library in the show really so similar to the !mane6 background?

    Tuesday, 13-Aug-13 07:59:53 UTC from web in context
  3. So there's squeestorm going on here because the official My Little Pony page is using/possibly stole a background from Fighting is Magic (the game that stole Hasbro's IP and was consequently shut down). People are saying that Hasbro is now the thief and obviously still upset about Fighting is Magic's shut-down. Some are wondering whether this is a sign that Hasbro has come around and is now cooperating with the team that made Fighting is Magic (Mane6). I think it's just an honest mistake by a lazy page admin. Oh internet drama! How you amuse me! # !mane6

    Tuesday, 13-Aug-13 07:48:01 UTC from web in context
  4. !PPR The # enacting bronies!

    Saturday, 29-Jun-13 15:37:38 UTC from web in context
  5. !PPR # # team wipes out a # nest.

    Saturday, 29-Jun-13 15:36:52 UTC from web
  6. !ppr !saved # picks -- !Twilight_Sparkle @#Twilight -- # @#Spitfire -- !Luna @#Luna -- !Fluttershy @#Fluttershy -- !Celestia @#Celestia -- !Pinkie_Pie @#Pinkie -- !Rainbow_Dash @#RD -- # -- # @#Derpy -- # @#Vinyl -- #

    Thursday, 23-May-13 20:01:15 UTC from web in context

    Thursday, 02-May-13 20:20:15 UTC from web
  8. !PPR # # at the beach.

    Thursday, 02-May-13 20:13:36 UTC from web
  9. !PPR The # and some bunnies.

    Tuesday, 02-Apr-13 07:57:56 UTC from web
  10. !PPR # # shadow boxes. Look at #!

    Saturday, 30-Mar-13 18:09:37 UTC from web
  11. !PPR This pre-dates my joining of the herd by a year. Still I have to share! #

    Saturday, 23-Mar-13 10:11:03 UTC from web
  12. @critialcloudkicker @mushi the !mane6 team released sillhouette teasers of 3 of the characters they're using, developed by Lauren #

    Wednesday, 20-Mar-13 14:46:05 UTC from web in context
  13. # # I imagine that if negotiations fail with #, this could be an awesome alternative.. but I'd still want to see a patch/mod released for MLP

    Tuesday, 19-Feb-13 08:36:34 UTC from web in context
  14. So much want! # # #

    Tuesday, 22-Jan-13 18:44:19 UTC from web
  15. @crusader8 You've don yourself a disservice. Checkmate with the #!

    Sunday, 06-Jan-13 21:41:10 UTC from web in context
  16. @datponygotvtec There is # enough for everypony! #

    Saturday, 05-Jan-13 02:00:07 UTC from web in context
  17. Now, a good # needs all of the # and #, of course!

    Saturday, 05-Jan-13 01:43:38 UTC from web in context
  18. So wrong! The # ready for #:

    Wednesday, 02-Jan-13 12:58:46 UTC from web
  19. I like this style: #

    Tuesday, 01-Jan-13 14:50:41 UTC from web in context
  20. !Mane6 has posted a update or FAQ (depending how read it) what they been doing since the canterlot gardens Con Sorry for being late with this post. Enjoy!

    Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 06:12:43 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  21. !mane6 the mane 6 has posted a long post about the canterlot gardens weekend including the panel with YouTube video, the setup, the tournament and posters/wallpaper

    Friday, 05-Oct-12 00:10:43 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  22. !mane6 The mane 6 has posted a playsit of the fighting is magic tournament canterlot gardens on there YouTube account. The pre, present and post tournament are on there.

    Monday, 01-Oct-12 23:48:33 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  23. !mane6 Looks like the mane6 will be having a streams of the panel at Canterlot Garden's on Friday with a Youtube to follow after the con and they are having a tournament on Saturday

    Thursday, 27-Sep-12 04:41:25 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  24. !mane6 It looks like the mane6 has Chosen the Voice Actor for RainbowDash

    Wednesday, 19-Sep-12 04:20:40 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  25. @#awesome I love the colored pencil look when it's done right. this style is awesome as well # @#RD @#AJ @#Rarity @#Pinkie @#Twilight @#Fluttershy #

    Friday, 31-Aug-12 22:30:15 UTC from web
  26. @#cute! #

    Tuesday, 28-Aug-12 09:09:50 UTC from web
  27. !mane6 the mane6 has put out Bite Size Update number 11 has come out this time it is more indepth look at Palettes and a funny short story on Evolution callled The Hitchiker Guide to Equestria.

    Sunday, 26-Aug-12 05:55:16 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  28. !mane6 the mane 6 dev team are having auditions for rainbow dash's voice actress. Sorry for posting this late

    Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 21:28:59 UTC from MuSTArDroid
  29. !mane6 I know it was posted already, but asdffghj.

    Thursday, 16-Aug-12 18:27:26 UTC from web in context
  30. !vgp !mane6 bite sized update # just been posted this time it's rainbow dash stage music

    Wednesday, 15-Aug-12 22:19:04 UTC from MuSTArDroid in context