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  1. @ceruleanspark They actually said that? I don't believe for a minute that the !mane6 team was avoiding drudgery by using characters they loved. I do think Mane6 crossed a line and the C&D was necessary to maintain the IP's protection, but, in the case of fanfiction/art, commentary can include admiration for the work through detailed imitation of style etc. and not only through whatever it is MAD TV does. I almost wouldn't pay much attention to this, but, as an artist myself I know the effort that goes into something like that background and I actually like that particular piece of art more than most of the screenshots in the show. Also, there are definite differences between what was made by the fan artist and what exists in the show if you look closely so I'm led to believe that it's not simply a tracing and even more than a re-drawing. http://goo.gl/KC4XY2 http://goo.gl/wPlA9y http://goo.gl/CKxuXS

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