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  1. So there's squeestorm going on here because the official My Little Pony page is using/possibly stole a background from Fighting is Magic (the game that stole Hasbro's IP and was consequently shut down). People are saying that Hasbro is now the thief and obviously still upset about Fighting is Magic's shut-down. Some are wondering whether this is a sign that Hasbro has come around and is now cooperating with the team that made Fighting is Magic (Mane6). I think it's just an honest mistake by a lazy page admin. Oh internet drama! How you amuse me! # !mane6

    Tuesday, 13-Aug-13 07:48:01 UTC from web
  2. that teaser..

    Wednesday, 20-Mar-13 14:39:07 UTC from web
  3. !fightingismagic the mane six has posted bite size update number 13 It's the music for Futtershy's back ground Music stage.

    Friday, 01-Feb-13 06:29:51 UTC from web
  4. !Fightingismagic the mane six has posted an update this time it's all about futtershy and they also included a video enjoy !

    Wednesday, 30-Jan-13 02:50:50 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • !Fightingismagic the mane 6 has posted an a hearts warming eve poem a bit of a update and a short video of a pinkie pie combo video enjoy!

      Monday, 24-Dec-12 23:08:56 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • !mlpfightingismagic The mane6 has posted bite size update number 12 this time around It's about menu and small update under the hood stuff enjoy !

        Monday, 10-Dec-12 03:19:12 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • !Mane6 has posted a update or FAQ (depending how read it) what they been doing since the canterlot gardens Con Sorry for being late with this post. Enjoy!

          Tuesday, 06-Nov-12 06:12:43 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • !mane6 the mane 6 has posted a long post about the canterlot gardens weekend including the panel with YouTube video, the setup, the tournament and posters/wallpaper

            Friday, 05-Oct-12 00:10:43 UTC from MuSTArDroid
            • !mane6 The mane 6 has posted a playsit of the fighting is magic tournament canterlot gardens on there YouTube account. The pre, present and post tournament are on there.

              Monday, 01-Oct-12 23:48:33 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • !fightingismagic Steam on their site:

                Saturday, 29-Sep-12 02:31:59 UTC from web
              • !mane6 Looks like the mane6 will be having a streams of the panel at Canterlot Garden's on Friday with a Youtube to follow after the con and they are having a tournament on Saturday

                Thursday, 27-Sep-12 04:41:25 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                • !mane6 It looks like the mane6 has Chosen the Voice Actor for RainbowDash

                  Wednesday, 19-Sep-12 04:20:40 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                  • !mane6 the mane6 has put out Bite Size Update number 11 has come out this time it is more indepth look at Palettes and a funny short story on Evolution callled The Hitchiker Guide to Equestria.

                    Sunday, 26-Aug-12 05:55:16 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                    • !mane6 the mane 6 dev team are having auditions for rainbow dash's voice actress. Sorry for posting this late

                      Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 21:28:59 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      • !mane6 I know it was posted already, but asdffghj.

                        Thursday, 16-Aug-12 18:27:26 UTC from web
                      • !vgp !mane6 bite sized update # just been posted this time it's rainbow dash stage music

                        Wednesday, 15-Aug-12 22:19:04 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                      • !vgp !mane6 the aftermath It is a long read

                        Saturday, 04-Aug-12 04:17:51 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                        • !vgp !mane6 Pretty sad news

                          Friday, 03-Aug-12 19:55:55 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                        • !mane6 !vgp Bite sized update week 9 is out. this time it's all about Pinkie pie .Bite sized updates has moved to Saturday form Sunday now

                          Sunday, 29-Jul-12 05:31:58 UTC from web
                          • LOL whut. and PIKAMENA MODE !mane6

                            Sunday, 29-Jul-12 04:04:29 UTC from web
                            • !mane6's new combo video... @_@ Want.

                              Monday, 23-Jul-12 11:56:16 UTC from web
                              • !vgp !mane6 bite sized update number 8 has come out, this time we get introduce to the newest tester and chain combos short video as well. cccombo breaker... (sorry bad killer instinct pun)

                                Monday, 23-Jul-12 03:10:54 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                              • !vgp !mane6 mane6 put out their another btie size update on Sunday this time its is fighting manual.very short this week because of the stream 3 on Saturday.I guess it is good to get something than nothing

                                Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 17:15:21 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                • !Mane6 mane6 has put up their third stream on YouTube however It is two hours long

                                  Sunday, 15-Jul-12 15:36:29 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                  • !vgp !mane6 mane 6 has posted another bitesize update this time their lasted update to menu and character selection graphics and the cloudsdale stage for rainbowdash.

                                    Monday, 09-Jul-12 08:50:59 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                                    • !Mane6 Mane 6 Bite Sized Update - Rarity Edition: I was going to make Cereal post this one, but he is at work! Sadly I'm not as good at talking up Rarity as he is, but I do really like her mane! This time around, they have detailed all sorts of things about ponyvilles number one tailor, with a whole pile of concept art and a look into the Carousel Boutique stage. Head on over to the to check it out! >

                                      Monday, 25-Jun-12 02:21:55 UTC from web
                                      • !mane6

                                        Monday, 18-Jun-12 01:25:18 UTC from web
                                      • !mane6 that Applejack splash art is papayasing amazing.

                                        Monday, 11-Jun-12 14:43:43 UTC from web
                                        • !Mane6

                                          Monday, 11-Jun-12 02:24:30 UTC from web
                                          • !mane6 Totally missed this

                                            Monday, 11-Jun-12 02:22:09 UTC from web