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Not the new OS / Despite the link I've given / Three line Nippon poems

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  1. For some reason I'm reminded of the Haiku days.

    about 11 months ago from web
  2. !haiku
    Now follow my moves,
    And sneak around, be careful
    Not to make a sound

    about a year ago from web
    • !haiku
      Because maybe-ee
      You're gonna be the one that
      Saves me-ee-ee-ee

      about a year ago from web
      • Posting straight to popular, babies!

        Sunday, 14-Jun-15 23:13:39 UTC from web
      • 海賊は A pirate
        ビールを飲んだ。drank beer.
        鬼 起きた。An ogre awoke. !haiku

        Wednesday, 08-Apr-15 23:03:20 UTC from web
      • Say what? Bobobo! / A what, say what? Bobobo! / A-get up, stand up!

        Sunday, 29-Mar-15 23:21:31 UTC from web
        • 飲みものは The drink
          オレンジ色だ。 is orange.
          さばこうみ Desert sea.

          Thursday, 26-Mar-15 21:39:20 UTC from web
          • Desu desu desu desu desu / Desu desu desu desu desu desu desu / Desu desu desu desu desu. !haiku

            Thursday, 26-Mar-15 01:14:47 UTC from web
          • 泳ぐから Because I swim
            とてもねむいだ。I am very tired.
            一分よ One minute.

            Thursday, 26-Mar-15 00:20:49 UTC from web
          • 月はいい The moon is good
            目のような月、The moon is like an eye,
            野菜上 above the vegetables.

            Wednesday, 25-Mar-15 23:54:49 UTC from web
          • 赤い肉
            大きい木 !haiku

            Wednesday, 25-Mar-15 23:25:01 UTC from web
          • !haiku Flying above clouds/ Thud, plummeting Entropy/ mind align heaven

            Monday, 23-Mar-15 20:51:02 UTC from web
          • A paper-thin foam
            o'er the hot lemon smoothie.
            The stand is open.

            Friday, 20-Mar-15 04:10:34 UTC from web
            • The orange light makes
              moons on the jazz piano.
              Fried eggs and Hegel.

              Thursday, 19-Mar-15 11:03:56 UTC from web
              • Under the straw roof / ponies gather hearty meals. / The old mage just sits.

                Thursday, 12-Mar-15 01:15:23 UTC from web
              • oldest leaves fall down / paste into muds in the grass / as winter grabs hold !haiku

                Friday, 27-Feb-15 04:03:44 UTC from bti
              • !haiku
                a cardinal lifts
                onto the night's quiet wind.
                a servant of Nyx?

                Wednesday, 28-Jan-15 03:31:13 UTC from web
                • !haiku Read Kant through fogged lens. / On the small plate to my left, / a slice of brown toast.

                  Sunday, 18-Jan-15 21:54:16 UTC from web
                  • Turtle in fuzzy
                    white dandelion meadow.
                    Purple sun hits roof.

                    Tuesday, 30-Dec-14 22:43:15 UTC from web
                    • !haiku Dark was the night 'gain/ Conglomerating into/ cesspool forgery

                      Saturday, 15-Nov-14 04:32:02 UTC from web
                      • Chinks off Dalí cliff / wash the stars with carbonate. / Cute bug bites kneecap.

                        Tuesday, 04-Nov-14 17:20:44 UTC from web
                      • !haiku To compare the art/ it brings the light and the dark/ to be inspected

                        Saturday, 25-Oct-14 02:40:13 UTC from web
                        • Crystal-slab murk hole / starry mirror in morn hours. / Swallow, gasp, cough, choke.

                          Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 08:19:51 UTC from web
                          • Letter's I can't read / in astronaut pony's speech. / Curiosity.

                            Thursday, 02-Oct-14 18:50:35 UTC from web
                          • Pekingese sitting / on a PDP-7. / Lo mein noodles hot.

                            Sunday, 28-Sep-14 18:02:38 UTC from web
                          • !haiku Three words rang through/ I can't express them, I do/ for brevity, don't use.

                            Sunday, 14-Sep-14 06:13:07 UTC from web
                            • !Haiku Clouds of light float up/ tinting the green and black sky/ a clear green emerald.

                              Friday, 22-Aug-14 03:46:10 UTC from web
                            • !haiku Write with abandon/ hurry, the sun making haste/ The horizon turns dark.

                              Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 00:04:39 UTC from web
                              • !haiku Painstakingly paints / on the thin rim of a bowl. / Magic staled. Abend.

                                Tuesday, 12-Aug-14 06:10:21 UTC from web
                              • @ellie AYE! Ahem !Haiku Through out time, pain flows/ I watched on with teary eyes/ I imagine peace.

                                Monday, 11-Aug-14 12:35:40 UTC from web