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  • Scribus scribus Scribus IE, CA

    The tragic aftermath of an accident between Greg Universe and Squanchy at the LHC. Narrator for the Sage And Savant steampunk adventure podcast. Largely dead inside, but getting better.

  • yata yata yata

    yata, 21 my layout never matches

    • mrmattimation mrmattimation mrmattimation Washington, D.C. http://patreon.com/mrmattimation

      I make the funny meme videos. YouTube: http://youtube.com/mrmattimation

      • awlxaĺan awl awlxaĺan Twin Cities MN

        I mean you want to know something, ask. I was creating a language a while back; chances are you ask me about that or linguistics in general we could chat a bit about that!

      • nan nan
      • Luna. bobo Luna. Jackson, Michigan


      • Rarity rarity Rarity US
      • Forest Rain forestrain Forest Rain Waterloo, Ontario, Canada http://www.youtube.com/user/PutTrustInFate

        Hi everypony! ^.^ I'm Forest Rain. I produce music (alternative, orchestral, pop), sing, paint, and narrate fanfictions. I love nature, art, music, and the use of technology for good. I am proudly a blank flank! ;p

      • Someone Probably whomst Someone Probably The North Pool

        I really don't know who I am anymore.

      • anthony anthony anthony Canada http://www.twii.me

        Developer and creator of Twii.

        • MetalTao metaltao MetalTao United States, Colorado OR Maine, who knows I was everywhere wtf

          Some dude who likes ponies and giant robots with the occasional pun in-between. Edit: Im a Fluffle Puffing lesbiab now??

        • 135890459020589 135890459020589
        • noomaluL ytiraR mylittletrixie noomaluL ytiraR Bakersfield, California

          Eep! Do I really have to do this? ...... I think I'll open up when i want to :3

        • bakeraliraqi bakeraliraqi bakeraliraqi https://twitter.com/baker_AL_Iraqi
          • RDN's Lucifer nerthos RDN's Lucifer Sea Hitler's water apocalypse

            For the cat is cryptic, and close to strange things which men cannot see. He is the soul of antique Aegyptus, and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroe and Ophir. He is the kin of the jungle’s lords, and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa. The Sphinx is his cousin, and he speaks her language; but he is more ancient than the Sphinx, and remembers that which she hath forgotten. Federation is getting worse by the minute so contact info Steam: sirnerthos Skype: nerthos.osea.yo nerthosnyaa@gmail.com

          • awlkhalyan awlkhalyan awlkhalyan Minneapolis, USA

            Aspiring language creator.

            • Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) theyurityphoon Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) Brookfield, MO, United States

              22 year old male, located in rural Missouri. Love reading, watching comedy/adventure/mystery/zombie films, watching anime, playing video games and of course, My Little Pony. :3 Steam: FlamingPandaOMG Skype: Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) *Accomplishments* ------------------------------ "Best Neckbeard 2010-2012" "Fanciest Unibrow 2011" "Most Amazing Nachos 2009-2013" "Best Accomplishments - Time Immemorial" 3DS Friend Code: 1478-3503-4091 List of DS/3DS games ------------------------------- Pokémon White 2 Paper Mario Sticker Star Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Super Street Fighter 4 3D Shin Megami Tensei IV Pokémon X Sonic Generations Mario Kart 7 Animal Crossing New Leaf Mario Party Island Tour The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Super Mario 3D Land Fire Emblem Awakening Ocarina of Time 3D Wii U Games ------------------------------- Super Mario Bros. U + Super Luigi Bros. U Super Mario 3D World The Wonderful 101 Mario Kart 8

            • None none11184748272 None Nome, Alaska


            • Starry Light starry Starry Light West Virginia, USA http://www.mountainglassjewelry.com

              a little pony with big dreams

            • colfax colfax
            • Light l1ghtsword Light https://twitter.com/L1ghtsword

              Im not important Your bad at this.

            • William awlderpy William

              This profile was meant to be deleted.

            • Jules jubejubezzz Jules Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada http://thekingsofdeduction.tumblr.com/

              Hiya! ^w^ The name's Julianne. I have been a loyal brony for almost a year now. I'll admit, it's a bit lonely considering I never really get to talk to any bronies. Yes, I'm a girl, but I don't mind be referred to as brony. Hopefully I'm included into some kind of artsy group since I'm quite the artist. I also love Minecraft 0w0 Anyways, stay strong and stay brony my friends /) >w<

            • Cerulean Spark ceruleanspark Cerulean Spark United Kingdom http://rainbowdash.net

              I would fight to make that bright and innocent past our future once again. Even if it means dashing myself against the evil and cruelty of this wasteland until there is nothing left of me. And then, when I am too broken to go on, I will float my dying body right down the throat of the darkness and make it choke on me.

            • that guy you hate somedude that guy you hate cloudsdale/equestria http://bronybook.wall.fm

              Metalhead, plain and simple

            • Chet Lemon tiff Chet Lemon

              like fingerprints on an abandoned handrail

            • scoot scoot scoot United Kingdom http://cptscoot.tumblr.com/

              im scoot

            • Jay Norris jayn1 Jay Norris Maryland
            • Artorias bowandlyre Artorias That place down the street


            • Jessi Jacquet huggablysoft Jessi Jacquet United States

              Hi, I'm HuggablySoft, RDN's residential super cutesy, super huggable, adorable love muffin! >w< A lot of people consider me as one of the nicest and most kind persons on RDN. ~♥ I like making music, drawing art and socializing with interesting people about interesting things. :P