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  1. Oh....and everyone else on as well Merry Christmas to all!

    Sunday, 25-Dec-11 04:08:04 UTC from web in context
  2. !tnbronies I'm writing this note to you all in a gleefull state because after such a prolonged time I have finnally found a great meet up! There will be a Zombiebuffet5K in nashville that I am already signed up for. It benefits the Nashville rescue organization and It would be the best first meet up I could think of. The 5k works like this. You have 2 flags tied to your waiste. When the race starts you take off and after a predetermined time the zombies are released. If and when they take your flags you too become a zombie, and you take others flags. The point here being to cross the finish line with brains intact. The time of the Race Will Be On OCTOBER 29th and there is a entrance fee. For more information go to Also I will gladly make anyone who comes along a t-shirt of a pony's cutie mark of their choice. (I have an airbrush and I've already done applejack and rainbow dash.) It would be 20% cooler to all show up in rainbow dash shirts I think. Who likes this?

    Sunday, 02-Oct-11 15:00:54 UTC from web