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  1. !utahbronies Totes read that as "Pioneer Park". Guess I'll leave the drug money at home. I'll be there, gentlemen. Be ready.

    Tuesday, 20-Sep-11 00:39:43 UTC from web
  2. !utahbronies Woah! Talking about the next meetup. This gets me excited... Yeah, I was sorta lost too. There was a moment of "Where the fuc-OHAI, GUIZ!"

    Thursday, 04-Aug-11 05:59:57 UTC from web
  3. !utahbronies @ponygeist Dear God, no. I appreciate the offer, but I'd run the group straight into the ground.

    Tuesday, 26-Jul-11 00:40:11 UTC from web
  4. !utahbronies @circuitmane We need a new leader!

    Monday, 25-Jul-11 06:16:49 UTC from web
  5. !utahbronies We meeting outside of Dick's because we're a bunch of dicks? I'm kidding. Y'all know I love ya. I look forward to dicking around with you all. Love, Dranz E. Pants.

    Saturday, 23-Jul-11 03:56:42 UTC from web
  6. !utahbronies Let's all refrain from making jokes about DICK'S SPORTING GOODS. Get the giggles out now, please.

    Friday, 22-Jul-11 16:20:10 UTC from web
  7. @ponygeist !utahbronies Aye! That date should work for Dranzy here.

    Monday, 18-Jul-11 20:32:19 UTC from web


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