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Salt Lake City

Well, I assume you love My Little Pony if your residing on this website; therefore, if you live in Utah, this is the group for you! Information on meetups will be posted. Join our facebook group. :)

Utah Bronies (utahbronies) group


  1. Hey, this here place seems to be about dead... Does anypony know of a more active online community of Utah bronies? Or better, a group that meets irl near West Valley?

    Friday, 27-Mar-15 00:04:25 UTC from web
  2. !byubronies !utahbronies We'll be having a season 5 premier showing live on the 4th of April at 9 a.m. in room 377 of the Clyde Building on BYU campus (Provo). Our normal meetup will still happen at 4 p.m. in room 381 where we'll probably have a re-screening.

    Thursday, 12-Mar-15 08:05:29 UTC from
  3. !utahbronies !byubronies The third annual Crystal Mountain Pony Con in will be happening this summer (July 17-18, 2015) in Salt Lake City, UT. Click "Show More" for details and pre-registration

    Thursday, 12-Mar-15 07:57:50 UTC from
    • !utahbronies CMPC has launched their Indiegogo campaign. Utahns and other local go check it out! --

      Tuesday, 06-Jan-15 07:04:03 UTC from
      • !utahbronies !byubronies Upcoming social for everypony who can make it. Free cutiemark glitter tattoos for the first 50 to RSVP on Facebook! Also, that same day, we're going to watch the new EqG Rainbow Rocks movie in theaters. If I get details for that I'll post them later. Keep an eye out in the brony facebook groups.

        Saturday, 20-Sep-14 16:49:27 UTC from
        • !utahbronies I wanna go to this con in Denver, but i'm going to need to carpool and split a hotel if I do.

          Monday, 11-Aug-14 23:55:57 UTC from web
        • !utahbronies Awesome con!

          Monday, 11-Aug-14 16:12:48 UTC from web
          • Something tell me there are less members here than last time I was on.

            Tuesday, 05-Aug-14 18:56:46 UTC from web
          • !utahbronies going to blow up things soon.

            Saturday, 05-Jul-14 00:18:33 UTC from web
            • !utahbronies !art From a !BYU brony
              # electronic music

              Friday, 06-Jun-14 15:34:48 UTC from web
              • @dashalicious Ah okay. You should come to the big summer meetup. I requires a permission slip if you're a minor though. I think I posted the details in !utahbronies

                Thursday, 29-May-14 06:49:50 UTC from web
              • Hello., I'm moving to SLC on Sunday and it'd be nice to get to make some friends that have a few similar interests. I've never lived in a big city before and would like any advice and maybe what to expect.

                Saturday, 17-May-14 07:14:21 UTC from web
              • !Utahbronies @stardust minors need a signed permission slip though. I'm not sure why. I think just for organizers liability because it's so big. I'd almost consider it a mini convention.

                Thursday, 15-May-14 07:01:37 UTC from web
              • Links for this week's !Utahbronies !MLPCCG events:

                Monday, 05-May-14 07:55:38 UTC from web
              • !mlpccg Dumping links for !Utahbronies MLP: CCG groups...

                Monday, 05-May-14 07:53:31 UTC from web
                • !utahbronies I played in my 2nd tournament at Board Game Revolution, this time with a constructed deck, but I lost even more horribly. On the bright side I've improved thanks to my defeat and I still got the basic prize.

                  I need to whittle down my deck size a bit since I'm currently over 60 cards. That's still much better than the previous 80+

                  Tuesday, 15-Apr-14 08:44:24 UTC from web
                • The Utah mountain pony con is going to be a success! They got to there goal yeah!

                  Tuesday, 08-Apr-14 17:34:08 UTC from web
                  • Well I've finally finished organizing my pony CCG cards. It took the better half of the night, but it helped keep me alert for work. and.. now.. my eyes are very heavy. In more exciting news I participated in my first CCG tournament of any kind. It happened to be an MLP CCG tournament. I placed very close to middle despite needing to leave early and forfeit one match. I got Gyro as a prize. My wife got Parasprite Swarm, and every player got a pror foil Twilight. It was worth the 8 bucks for both me and her.

                    Tuesday, 08-Apr-14 09:58:50 UTC from web
                  • Hello everyone this is my first or second message but I'd like everyone to know that I'm new to this website and I've been a brony for almost a year so I hope everyone welcomes and have a nice day.

                    Sunday, 30-Mar-14 20:39:29 UTC from web
                  • Hey everyone I'm new to this website and this is my first message.

                    Sunday, 30-Mar-14 20:36:59 UTC from web
                  • The Great and Powerful Lord Rev. Rogue of Light .. is a member of !utahbronies? Sweet.

                    Saturday, 15-Mar-14 15:11:25 UTC from web
                  • !utahbronies Just got this email from the lady who runs the build-a-bear in Murray "Hi Utah Bronies! Sounds pretty nice!

                    On April 4th we are launching our fifth pony Rarity. We are really excited to be welcoming her to our family and we would like to extend an offer to all of the Utah Bronies to come and get her first. On April 4th and 5th we are opening our doors at 9:00am for an exclusive event where you can build Rarity, attend a hair styling class, play games as well as mingle with fellow pony enthusiasts. The cost of Rarity is $25 and you can also purchase two of the Cutie Mark Crusaders; Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle!

                    An RSVP is required and space is limited. We are hosting the event at the Fashion Place location (6191 South State Street Murray, UT 84107). If you would like to reserve a pony and a spot please call us at (801) 293-1222."

                    Tuesday, 11-Mar-14 17:37:27 UTC from web
                  • !utahbronies Wat? We got JohnJoseco to design the medalions? Suhweet!

                    Sunday, 09-Mar-14 04:48:30 UTC from web
                    • !utahbronies We reached our funding goal for the CMPC coins WOO!

                      Sunday, 09-Mar-14 04:42:42 UTC from web
                      • !utahbronies Nathan (aka. PonyFireStone) was fun to hang out with with the !BYU bronies group in Provo. Too bad he lives hours away or we could do it more often. Enjoy some of his # remixes.

                        Wednesday, 05-Mar-14 22:17:30 UTC from web
                        • !BYU !UtahBronies We'll be having a guest at BYU this Friday, Feb. 21, namely, PonyFireStone. He's quite the talented musician.

                          Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:28:59 UTC from web
                        • !BYU !utahbronies Fund raising commercil for CMPC Also, the con is finally going to be moved to summer! Woo!! Apparently our whining wore them all down.

                          Saturday, 28-Dec-13 16:28:16 UTC from web
                          • !utahbronies !BYU I made a group

                            Saturday, 21-Dec-13 19:54:27 UTC from web
                            • !utahbronies !BYU Fund raising for CMPC just got real. I think I might just donate a bit though since bits are sparse.

                              Saturday, 21-Dec-13 16:20:02 UTC from web
                              • My brony friends irl.. not so unlike RDN honestly.

                                Monday, 16-Dec-13 13:19:58 UTC from web