1. !utahbronies I wanna go to this con in Denver, but i'm going to need to carpool and split a hotel if I do.

    Monday, 11-Aug-14 23:55:57 UTC from web
    1. Speaking of cons is anypony going to the salt lake comic con this year?

      Thursday, 04-Sep-14 02:37:52 UTC from web
      1. @rotaryhum I don't remember any speak of "cons"

        Thursday, 04-Sep-14 02:38:17 UTC from Mayonnaise
      2. @rotaryhum I like that pony too! your hat! Welcome to RDN :) In case you don't know how to use this site, feel free to refer back to the FAQ at any time. Enjoy your stay!

        Thursday, 04-Sep-14 02:38:23 UTC from the Death Egg
      3. @rotaryhum Not me, but speaking about cons I'm organizing an illegal horse race

        Thursday, 04-Sep-14 02:39:53 UTC from web
      4. @rotaryhum welcome!

        Thursday, 04-Sep-14 02:40:01 UTC from web