1. !BYU !UtahBronies We'll be having a guest at BYU this Friday, Feb. 21, namely, PonyFireStone. He's quite the talented musician.

    Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:28:59 UTC from web
    1. !BYU !Utahbronies

      Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:31:55 UTC from web
    2. @oracle He's coming from Ogden. /That's/ far. Maybe you can hitch a ride. :3

      Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:39:48 UTC from web
    3. @oracle I bet if you contacted him on FB (maybe by asking on the event page) you could offer a te-spot for 2-way passage and he'd be grateful for the gas money.

      Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:41:26 UTC from web
    4. @oracle 10-spot*

      Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:41:35 UTC from web
    5. @oracle You're only 10 miles from BYU? xD I thought you were up in SLC or something.

      Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:43:54 UTC from web
    6. @oracle Cottonwoo

      Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:44:45 UTC from web
    7. @oracle Also, we'll probably be going to a brony drink shop for mocktails.

      Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 23:53:01 UTC from web
    8. @oracle A shop that serves non-alcoholic versions of drinks inspired by FiM.

      Thursday, 20-Feb-14 00:27:45 UTC from web