1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @dashalicious Wa-hoo! # #

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:40:23 UTC from web
    2. @dashalicious Welcome to the # brony-populated state.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:41:01 UTC from web
    3. @dashalicious It's a cute episode. Spike is silly.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:46:35 UTC from web
    4. @dashalicious Do I remember correctly that your West of SLC?

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:47:21 UTC from web
    5. @dashalicious Ah okay. You should come to the big summer meetup. I requires a permission slip if you're a minor though. I think I posted the details in !utahbronies

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:49:50 UTC from web
    6. @dashalicious cool! My wife and I will be there.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 06:51:05 UTC from web
    7. @dashalicious Oh I was talking about the giant free summer meetup at the beginning of next month (really soon), but there is the Crystal Mountain Pony Con in SLC too. I think that's another month or two away though.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:03:17 UTC from web
    8. @dashalicious I posted the details in the Utahbronies group, but I don't have them on me. You can also get them by joining and looking in the events on the Utah Bronies or Utah Bronies and Pegasisters Facebook groups.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:08:19 UTC from web
    9. @dashalicious Those are closed groups so they won't show up on your dash I think..

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:09:02 UTC from web
    10. @dashalicious pretty sure it's the first weekend in June though.. I think Saturday, but it'd be best to look that up.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:10:57 UTC from web
    11. @dashalicious ah okay. It is quite a drive. If you look on FB there may be some car pools or you could start one and ask for help with gas.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:19:11 UTC from web
      1. @pony I like water and ball pools better than car pools, personally.

        Thursday, 29-May-14 07:21:45 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos xP carpool xD

          Thursday, 29-May-14 07:26:27 UTC from web
    12. @dashalicious gotcha

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:20:20 UTC from web
    13. @dashalicious That'll be worth making. At least I hope. The only real drawback for me last con was the smell.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:25:35 UTC from web
    14. @dashalicious It's the bane of con-goers' existence!

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:28:28 UTC from web
    15. @dashalicious Your point is extremely valid.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:30:50 UTC from web
      1. @pony @dashalicious Over here cons smell mostly of ramen, sweat is only noticeable the last two hours of the con.

        Thursday, 29-May-14 07:33:05 UTC from web
        1. @nerthos The staff went through epic amounts of Febreeze at ours. The smell still reached outdoors so that passersby thought there was a zoo.

          Thursday, 29-May-14 07:35:15 UTC from web
          1. @pony Man, you really need to be more careful when choosing which cons to attend to.

            Thursday, 29-May-14 07:36:53 UTC from web
            1. @nerthos beggars can't be choosers unfortunately. lol

              Thursday, 29-May-14 07:40:23 UTC from web
        2. @nerthos not even exaggerating.

          Thursday, 29-May-14 07:35:46 UTC from web
    16. @dashalicious South America

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:34:06 UTC from web
    17. @dashalicious *takes notes*

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:36:16 UTC from web
    18. @dashalicious I'd blame it on being in Missouri, but that wasn't where the con was I assume Kappa

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:39:30 UTC from web
    19. @dashalicious It's known for bad /everything/. Please don't go to Missouri.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:40:28 UTC from web
      1. @thewaifutyphoon Hell, I don't even like being here.

        Thursday, 29-May-14 07:40:39 UTC from web
    20. @dashalicious At least we're associated with the word "epic" in some way.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:40:53 UTC from web
    21. @dashalicious Unless it's coming to save me, then please do.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:41:05 UTC from web
    22. @dashalicious So what ward to you attend? lol

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:44:44 UTC from web
    23. @dashalicious No, better yet.. Where do you want to serve your mission?

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:45:37 UTC from web
    24. @dashalicious You'd be answering honestly if you told them your ward boundaries rather than saying you actually attend a specific ward. My wife calls herself a "post-Mormon" (she left) while I'm a convert, btw.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:49:06 UTC from web
    25. @dashalicious That's still a better ration of not-alone-ness than I had while I grew up in Maryland. It's kind of weird switching between being a minority and not.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:50:45 UTC from web
    26. @dashalicious ratio*

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:51:16 UTC from web
    27. @dashalicious If you ever get curious I can answer most questions. Most geographic locations within North America fall into a boundary. In the case of a natural disaster your area's bishop, for instance, will see to it that you and your neighbors get help if its within his and the ward's power.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:54:25 UTC from web
    28. @dashalicious So basically non-religious folk and friends of other faiths are still encompassed within some unit of the church.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:55:47 UTC from web
    29. @dashalicious I think it's perfectly reasonable to get along with people who have different lifestyles and.or belief systems.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 07:58:09 UTC from web
      1. @pony With the caveat that they do their best to get along with your own, of course.

        Thursday, 29-May-14 07:59:51 UTC from web
        1. @cinnamonswirl We wouldn't want people stifling freedom of speech on either side, of course.

          Thursday, 29-May-14 08:03:32 UTC from web
          1. @pony Hopefully the discussion has some merit beyond not being literally illegal to have though.

            Thursday, 29-May-14 08:09:41 UTC from web
            1. @cinnamonswirl Yeah. Mutual respect throughout an exchange of ideas is really the cornerstone of good politics in my opinion. Unfortunately we don't see a lot of that. Each side usually assumes that simply by holding an opinion contrary, the opponent wants to deny them any opportunity to express themselves politically or otherwise. And unfortunately that assumption is often correct.

              Thursday, 29-May-14 08:20:06 UTC from web
    30. @snowcone Beware the New Lunar Republicans

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:04:19 UTC from web
    31. @dashalicious That's entirely reasonable.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:09:02 UTC from web
    32. @snowcone Neither can I

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:09:28 UTC from web
    33. @snowcone I can ride my bike with no handlebars

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:18:27 UTC from web
    34. @snowcone My pop used to spin a pencil on a table telekinetically.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:21:02 UTC from web
    35. @snowcone both pushing and spinning a pencil and, on occasion, sending the energy off to take down a fly.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:26:45 UTC from web
    36. @snowcone I only heard second and third hand accounts actually. Shortly after I was born was the last time he says he was able and my mother confirmed.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:45:12 UTC from web
    37. @snowcone I totally understand. He explained how it was a partnership with the objects' energies, but otherwise I don't know much.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 08:50:41 UTC from web
    38. @snowcone I appreciate the disclaimer. I take what I've heard with a grain of salt of course.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 09:01:21 UTC from web
    39. @snowcone It's fun to believe in some of it. SOme of it seems good to me and some of seems wise to be avoided.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 09:12:07 UTC from web
    40. @snowcone Thene again some doesn't usually appeal to me, like alien and bigfoot sightings.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 09:13:18 UTC from web
    41. @snowcone Some of it has real life applications, but if you go into certain parts haphazardly I think you can wind up in a difficult situation.

      Thursday, 29-May-14 09:19:03 UTC from web
    42. @dashalicious I'm new here, too! Only been here for about a week and a half! ^-^

      Friday, 30-May-14 04:08:09 UTC from web
    43. @dashalicious It's...different. I like how much there is to do here but I'm more used to a small town scene so it's kinda overwhelming and stressful sometimes.

      Saturday, 31-May-14 00:11:27 UTC from web
    44. @oracle ? Had to wait a week to get internet installed...if that's what you're asking

      Saturday, 31-May-14 00:11:54 UTC from web