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  1. Hah--to be fair, # # cause of power-outages is probably # drivers coming up to gawk at fall foliage, and running into utility-polls while gawking.... That's just my guess, tho' ;p #

    about 7 months ago from in context
  2. 地震予測コンペ
    1位: # private LB kernel LANL lgbm | Kaggle
    2位: 2nd place solution | Kaggle

    about 9 months ago from in context
  3. @drinkingpony I'm just sad that Ryan North did a fantastic job and I imagined that the series could reach 100 issues with no sign of slowing down. A huge drop of readers after a # is to be expected. Readers of the series previous run take that as a jump-off point and new readers just try it and decide not to buy anything further. In this case it was the latter.

    about 9 months ago from web in context
  4. Not being allowed to bring weapons into a restricted area is like # on the list of "no papaya, sherlock things"

    Next we're going to be surprised we can't light fires near fuel pumps.

    about a year ago from
  5. @folk what's that a # combo? it's like 6 bucks here in texas. chicken sandwich, fries and a drink. just go order one

    Wednesday, 24-Oct-18 22:24:02 UTC from
  6. @mrmcmayhem At least she ineffective. I think the biggest danger to democracy is comedians thinking they're experts at anything else than comedy. It doesn't matter if it's a comedian who says things I like or not.

    Comedy, when done well, goes straight past people's mental defenses and skepticism. The danger is that its ability to do that is not related to whether it's right or not. And yes, that includes memes too. It's the # tool to program NPCs; on both side.

    Monday, 22-Oct-18 18:45:35 UTC from
  7. @fr Did You Know? # - The @ button is free!

    Thursday, 11-Oct-18 21:46:02 UTC from
  8. Reasons not to buy condoms at Walmart:

    #: Shopping at Walmart, period, is the single-most embarrassing thing you will ever do

    Tuesday, 18-Sep-18 18:26:32 UTC from web
  9. using discord and refusing to use mumble is sign # of being a brainlet

    Wednesday, 25-Jul-18 02:49:44 UTC from
  10. @nightingalle # is typically non-alcoholic, # and # are alcoholic.

    If it's to make a cocktail, you'll probably want # # and # are usually to drink on their own.

    Wednesday, 11-Jul-18 16:31:49 UTC from in context
  11. @sukinosenze @mayuutann there's a few "hidden" features in it too that aren't that similar to old twitter, like try putting your mouse over the small reply arrow next to the name on some post, or if you expand the conversation using the [+] you can put your mouse over the numbers like # etc to see all the replies to that post

    Sunday, 08-Jul-18 10:46:10 UTC from
  12. @roka Be proud I'm about to eat bolan # export

    Wednesday, 27-Jun-18 17:59:21 UTC from
  13. Lol America isn't even #1 at being fat

    Wednesday, 27-Jun-18 13:19:01 UTC from Repeated by shpuld
  14. @ocean22
    I am the Voltron of battle stations. My retro gaming/computing setup is shoved in a corner like #, I have some exposed electronics laying around like # and a corner with a mounting pile of empty beer bottles like #

    Wednesday, 27-Jun-18 17:01:24 UTC from
  15. Lol America isn't even #1 at being fat

    Wednesday, 27-Jun-18 13:19:01 UTC from
  16. @rye you're my # priority you fool

    Sunday, 20-May-18 21:31:50 UTC from
  17. @rye you're hired to be my # replier forever

    Sunday, 20-May-18 03:51:18 UTC from
  18. Well I got that wrong.   # Yates @ 6"  Domoulin @ 37" ..... But Froome #

    Saturday, 19-May-18 15:30:16 UTC from in context
  19. I replied to the audience through thoughts. No one else can I be # when everyone told him to kill himself

    Monday, 30-Apr-18 15:37:04 UTC from
  20. @rye she'll never be you, rye! it goes without saying you're my # squid kid. no marina or marie will ever take your place

    Saturday, 21-Apr-18 02:42:05 UTC from
  21. @hj weapons are completely secondary when it comes to quake, physics is #

    serious sam weapon and enemy rosters are better than any quake if you ask me

    Thursday, 19-Apr-18 10:08:46 UTC from
  22. @budkin ... Problem #: solution is # Problem #: solution is cert authorities like Let's Encrypt ...

    Monday, 16-Apr-18 12:35:28 UTC from in context
  23. @budkin # it's Lunduke, and his sponsored # is best taken with a grain of salt ...

    Monday, 16-Apr-18 12:31:05 UTC from in context
  24. My lame-o opinion on Sonic # by IDW:

    Monday, 16-Apr-18 04:40:11 UTC from
  25. is that everyone is #

    Tuesday, 10-Apr-18 14:07:04 UTC from
  26. @zvirra @thatbrickster FREEZA REACTS TO [Youtube shooting stream #] YOU Won'T BELIEVe WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!

    Wednesday, 04-Apr-18 00:37:12 UTC from
  27. @nerthos @why @1iceloops123 when the world ends and you can't listen to "Music To Help Study | CHILL TRAP MIX #" we'll see who's laughing

    Friday, 02-Mar-18 01:19:32 UTC from in context
  28. @roko symptom # of a russian shill:

    Saturday, 24-Feb-18 00:13:03 UTC from
  29. @taiz Literally my # role model. #

    Wednesday, 31-Jan-18 00:01:30 UTC from Repeated by shpuld
  30. @taiz Literally my # role model. #

    Wednesday, 31-Jan-18 00:01:30 UTC from

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