1. @budkin # it's Lunduke, and his sponsored # is best taken with a grain of salt ...

    Monday, 16-Apr-18 12:31:05 UTC from
    1. @budkin ... Problem #: solution is # Problem #: solution is cert authorities like Let's Encrypt ...

      Monday, 16-Apr-18 12:35:28 UTC from
      1. @budkin # Lunduke doesn't know the difference between an algorithm and a program. SHA implemented by free code isn't subject to #

        Monday, 16-Apr-18 12:38:00 UTC from
        1. @budkin here's someone who knows their banana  writing about #

          Monday, 16-Apr-18 12:39:00 UTC from
          1. @budkin Lunduke is, like me, an opinionated user.  Jeff Atwood co-created both # and # ...

            Monday, 16-Apr-18 13:17:50 UTC from
            1. @budkin ... Brian would have to raise some pretty strong and well-referenced arguments before I take his opinion over Jeff's ...

              Monday, 16-Apr-18 13:18:49 UTC from
              1. @budkin ... let alone over *everyone* at # and the # . It doesn't prove he's wrong, but Brian's HTTPS views are fringe

                Monday, 16-Apr-18 13:20:01 UTC from
        2. @budkin plus the crypto HTTPS uses isn't baked in. SSL was replaced with TLS, HTTPS didn't break. If SHA was compromised it can be swapped

          Monday, 16-Apr-18 12:43:25 UTC from