1. A tragedy! The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic series ends with issue #

    about a year ago from web
    1. @adiwan Series ending on the choice of the writer always does feel way better than someone else going "You have X issues to end the series". Just look at "Black Panther & The Crew" also known as the BLM Marvel Comic. That ending came out of nowhere and it was not statisfying at all.

      Then again it is rumored that the sales figures for the first issue were 287000, issue 3 only got 25000 copies and issue 4 only 17500 copies.

      And at this point in time I wonder what is quicker, the Terminal Velocity of a comic book, or that comic book sales. You know, since I am a huge science nerd.

      ... I miss brainiac...

      about a year ago from web
      1. @drinkingpony I'm just sad that Ryan North did a fantastic job and I imagined that the series could reach 100 issues with no sign of slowing down. A huge drop of readers after a # is to be expected. Readers of the series previous run take that as a jump-off point and new readers just try it and decide not to buy anything further. In this case it was the latter.

        about a year ago from web