1. @nightingalle Not usually, although there's no strict definition. Ginger Ale is typically what the sugary soda with a usually artifical ginger flavour.

    I've encountered three types of drink that are called ginger beer:
    1 - a ginger flavored soft drink with a stronger ginger flavor than ginger ale
    2 - a drink made of fermented ginger juice
    3 - a beer (as in regular beer) with ginger flavor (natural or artificial) added

    Wednesday, 11-Jul-18 16:29:29 UTC from
    1. @nightingalle # is typically non-alcoholic, # and # are alcoholic.

      If it's to make a cocktail, you'll probably want # # and # are usually to drink on their own.

      Wednesday, 11-Jul-18 16:31:49 UTC from