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Salt Lake City

Well, I assume you love My Little Pony if your residing on this website; therefore, if you live in Utah, this is the group for you! Information on meetups will be posted. Join our facebook group. :)

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  1. !BYU !Utahbronies

    Monday, 25-Nov-13 23:55:28 UTC from web
  2. !BYU !utahbronies Yesterday's meetups were so awesome! /

    Sunday, 24-Nov-13 12:15:45 UTC from web
    • !BYU !utahbronies
      The mini marathon starts at 6 a.m. in the Clyde Building theater room 377 and will include a live broadcast of Equestria Girls followed by the season 4 premier at 8 a.m. sharp!

      Please try to arrive by 7:30 a.m. or be very quiet in consideration of those watching the premier from 8-9 a.m. I'll be asking any who talk above a whisper to quiet down during the premier episodes.

      - We'll be sharing MLP-related snacks at the debut. The elected BYU Bronies mayor intends to bring a jug of cider and two dozen muffins. If you feel like contributing, come with some goodies!

      As always, please be sure to pick up after yourselves before you leave.

      - We recommend wearing modest pajamas and bringing plushies or merch to the debut.

      There will be a 2nd non-live viewing later at the same place at 4 p.m. Please try to arrive early if you want to attend this viewing. The same rules about quiet apply.

      Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 23:45:45 UTC from web
      • !BYU !utahbronies
        If room 377 isn't available or we have technical difficulties there for whatever reason then we'll hold the viewing in the neighboring room 381.

        Also, The building opens at 6 a.m. so if any want to attend the mini marathon arriving early might or might not mean you have to wait til the doors are unlocked.

        You'll find parking if you drive up 1060 N. street. It's a Saturday so just park in a non-service vehicle space and you'll be fine.
        Refer to this map for details:

        Note that the roads around this part of campus have changed recently so you may find outdated maps. The one I linked here is accurate.

        Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 23:46:17 UTC in context
    • !utahbronies !BYU Also, the nominated BYU Bronies mayor has encouraged pyjamas and plushies and snacks. @oracle

      Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 22:24:44 UTC from web
      • !utahbronies !BYU There's going to be a second screening of the premier downloaded in HD at 4 p.m. in the same place as the 8 a.m. live viewing. @oracle

        Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 22:23:19 UTC from web
        • @oracle You're a good kid.

          Thursday, 14-Nov-13 04:23:19 UTC from web
        • !utahbronies Solrac confirmed apparently for CMPC

          Monday, 23-Sep-13 06:00:27 UTC from web
          • !utahbronies #

            Thursday, 05-Sep-13 10:55:10 UTC from web
            • !utahbronies John de Lancie unofficially announced for SLC comic con. !utahbronies John de Lancie unofficially announced for SLC comic con. I hope he offers autographs! His is the only one I'd really care to get of the guests attending.

              Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 23:05:58 UTC from web
            • I'm thinking about something like this for Salt Lake Comic Con since I like Prince Solaris and already have a white suit and belt. I lack golden accessories though. I'd to do it without the wig so I guess I just need maybe some gold spray paint and thrift store shoes, etc. I'm not sure what kind of crown I'll wear, but I'd like it to be closer in style to Tia's actual crown. !utahbronies

              Saturday, 31-Aug-13 05:14:19 UTC from web
            • !utahbronies Salt Lick is just so adorable! Maybe I'll make a plushie of her.

              Tuesday, 27-Aug-13 09:11:45 UTC from web
              • !utahbronies CMPC website updated and volunteer applications being accepted.

                Tuesday, 27-Aug-13 09:03:53 UTC from web
                • !utahbronies I am going to Utah State this fall, any USU bronies out there?:)

                  Friday, 16-Aug-13 02:17:19 UTC from web
                • !utahbronies completed a 6 hour meetup (8 if you count setup and takedown during which there actually were guests). Good times were successfully obtained. I'll need to fix or replace my projector before the next meetup however since the focus was terribad no matter what I did.

                  Saturday, 24-Aug-13 06:20:01 UTC from web
                • !utahbronies Getting ready for the movie, games, etc. now. I hope this turns out to be fun since I'm hosting.

                  Friday, 23-Aug-13 18:38:22 UTC from web
                • Watched EqG twice on a full sized theater screen today at school. Talked and played with friends. Had an awesome time. !utahbronies I've been out all day and am now tired. XP

                  Sunday, 11-Aug-13 01:38:06 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                  • !utahbronies short notice but... BYU bronies will be hosting an Equestria Girls viewing TODAY (Saturday) and invites its friends from all other groups to attend. Please come join us today at 2p.m. or 4 p.m. on BYU campus for the movie! It will be played twice so that more folks can enjoy it. Location: Clyde Building, room 377 The parking lot behind the Clyde building is accessible from the south if you take 900 N to East Campus Drive then turn left up the hill onto 1060 N. The North part of East Campus Drive is BLOCKED BY CONSTRUCTION.

                    Saturday, 10-Aug-13 13:09:09 UTC from web
                    • !utahbronies Disney mareathon successful. Spaghetti level 30%. Teen lawn-lounging 10%.

                      Saturday, 27-Jul-13 05:59:58 UTC from web
                      • !utahbronies There's also going to be a Salt Lick City Comicon meetup for the region's first comicon real soon during the first week in September. I'm not sure I'll make it but I'd like to.

                        Thursday, 18-Jul-13 05:47:46 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                        • !utahbronies two cons are planned for 2014. Crystal Heart Pony Con will be Feb. 21-22 and Crystal Mountain Pony Con will again be in April.

                          Thursday, 18-Jul-13 05:23:58 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                        • !utahbronies Out meetuip and cakes made it into the nightly roundup

                          Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 15:53:57 UTC from web
                          • !utahbronies I think this cosplay is my favorite

                            Monday, 15-Jul-13 09:39:00 UTC from web
                            • !utahbronies group photo.

                              Monday, 15-Jul-13 09:18:51 UTC from web
                            • !utahbronies Avast! There be a con a-comin!

                              Monday, 15-Jul-13 07:18:55 UTC from web
                            • Anyone here that can accept my request to join !Utahbronies facebook page?

                              Saturday, 29-Jun-13 02:00:47 UTC from web
                            • To all !utahbronies ! Anyone going to the Salt Lake Comic Con? We should put together a meet there.

                              Tuesday, 09-Jul-13 20:56:09 UTC from web
                              • !utahbronies oh! Hai! It's been forever since I posted here! Dyall know Walmart has the neon wave of blind bags??

                                Wednesday, 03-Jul-13 03:37:15 UTC from web
                                • @sprite If he's a brony he should join the !utahbronies FB group

                                  Monday, 01-Jul-13 18:14:24 UTC from web
                                • @ris so, this is how you'll contact me on who you got at the !utahbronies conv to show up for our little writing group.

                                  Saturday, 29-Jun-13 00:44:34 UTC from web
                                • !utahbronies hey guys when is the next meet-up

                                  Friday, 28-Jun-13 05:14:02 UTC from web