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Bronies of Aberdeen

Bronies of Aberdeen

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Aberdeen, Scotland

Bronies in and around Aberdeen, UK.

Bronies of Aberdeen (broniesofaberdeen) group


  1. !broniesofaberdeen I don't think I can go to the November 10th meetup, sorry guys.

    Thursday, 25-Oct-12 06:44:10 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • !broniesofaberdeen I created a forum post where we can discuss a possible first episode meet in aberdeen

      Friday, 01-Jun-12 07:31:00 UTC from web
      • !broniesofaberdeen If we can get some people together, it would be awesome, ofcourse I don't know the date yet, but i could try to arrange something if there is interest.

        Friday, 18-May-12 21:05:46 UTC from web
      • !broniesofaberdeen I know this is a million to one, but do ANY of you maybe go to ISA? That'd be amazing, but it's crazy unlikely...

        Monday, 14-May-12 20:24:48 UTC from web
      • Holy crap! People actually joined !broniesofaberdeen! I'M NOT ALONE!

        Tuesday, 08-May-12 18:18:31 UTC from web
        • Okay. On the very small chance that there's more bronies from Aberdeen on here, we now have a group !BroniesOfAberdeen.

          Sunday, 11-Mar-12 00:44:57 UTC from web