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Brony Fan Fair RoomShare

Brony Fan Fair RoomShare

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Austin, TX

My group for my brony fan fair roomshare.

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  • John Hughes bipperpines1989 John Hughes Kansas City, Missouri

    I'm a gay 24 year old brony. I'm socially awkward and have social anxiety outside of the internet world. I have a hard time trying to be social. I have fetal alcohol syndrome, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Night terrors. I will admit I like Clop, Yiff, yaio, bara. I do like to draw when I'm bored. Sometimes I will come off a little mean or rude, please don't take it personal It a way of showing that I like you. I just have a hard time to say it even on the internet. I wanna be everyone's friend. My personality is: Random, childish, strange, somewhat creepy, immature, fun loving. I will admit I'm a friend whore who will go on a adding spree like mad crazy.


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