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Battlefield 4 Group!

Battlefield 4 Group!

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The people of RDN that Play Battle field 4! Its a great game and everyone should own it! The platoon I am in Is BronyField and you should all apply to join! I am not the founder nor do I claim to be.

Battlefield 4 Group! (bronyfield) group


  1. !bf4 AA Still OP

    Saturday, 30-Aug-14 22:49:14 UTC from web
    • Hey, If you want to add me on battle log I am "Grouchguy"

      Saturday, 30-Aug-14 22:48:25 UTC from web
      • !bronyfield Anyone want to join our Battlefield 4 RDN group?

        Wednesday, 20-Aug-14 03:05:01 UTC from web
        • !Battlefield I think this is the most official looking group on RDN if I do say so myself!

          Sunday, 17-Aug-14 23:17:59 UTC from web
          • !bf4group BATTLE FIELD 4 WOOP

            Sunday, 17-Aug-14 22:54:03 UTC from web
            • !bf4group Just made a Group for people who play BF4!

              Monday, 11-Aug-14 04:43:09 UTC from web