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Group for the very well known youtube show(s) such as:
(1)Bravest Warriors
(3)Story War etc.


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  • Reginald Alcara Marzan bradthebrony25 Reginald Alcara Marzan United States

    hello im reginald and i am a mlp gender swap creator and voice creator i got tons of freinds helping me do genderswaps voice i drawing all the stallion of mane 6 ponies and my vocals is Rainbow Blitz as Rainbow Dash let me explain you the genderswapped Twilight Sparkle Stallion Dusk Shine Rainbow Dash Stallion Rainbow Blitz Pinkie pie Stallion Bubble Berry Fluttershy Stallion Butterscotch and Apple jack Stallion Aj Still Apple jack doe and the royalty Princess Celestia Stallion Lord Solaris Princess Luna Stallion Prince Moonlight Princess Candance Stallion Prince Bolero Shining Armor Mare Still Shining armor thats it and also im a brony thx for reading my personalities :)

  • pinkiepieaddict pinkiepieaddict Durham, NC

    I've been watching the show since November 2011. I finally admitted I was a Brony in January 2012. As a new member of The Herd, I'm just getting my hooves under me and exploring what it means to be a Brony. So far, I'm the only person with this nickname, so if you ever see a comment by PinkiePieAddict on Equestria Daily, Tumblr, DeviantArt, or Fimfiction, that's me! :)

  • John Hale ceroclouddash John Hale Proctorsville, VT, USA

    21yo guy. I like literacy, games, movies, friends, and sweets! Random as hell, loyal as a starfish. My O.C is Cero Cloud Dash, a totally kick ass freedom fighter pegasus GT: maiCooKiezz Steam: cero490 Skype: servius_tullius72

  • Ernesto Sanchez ernie113 Ernesto Sanchez Stilwell,OK