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Just a place for ALL of the bronies of the great state of Colorado to chat, or plan a meet-up.

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  • Keith Allan York kieranyork Keith Allan York Baltimore, MD

    Well, where to begin? My name is Kieran, I'm 23, polyamorous, pansexual, gender-fluid, total geek, artist, musician, and gamer. I love to draw, sing, and dance as well. I also LARP(I fight other nerds with foam swords)

  • Cali calik23 Cali Aurora Colorado

    Hi name is Kelly got into MLP a few months ago still very behind with hoping to find a great community of people to chat with and get to know. I find myself relating between twilight sparkle and Pinkie pie.

  • Lighting Arrow lightingarrow Lighting Arrow Fort Collins

    I love to meet new people and talking. I'm laid back for the most part. I would rather hang out with a few friends than go to some major party. I love music especially heavy metal. I love all kinds of metal. I also like swing, rockabilly, psychobilly, punk, and industrial. I'm a full time student majoring in military history with a minor in Asian studies. Someday I hope to help with bringing some of Korea's ancient history to life for the rest of the world outside of Asia. My hobbies are reading sci-fi, fantasy, and of course history. I like to write about history and I write a lot of fantasy stuff. Sadly, I am not published yet. I like camping and backpacking. In some of my other free time which is less, I'm teaching myself drawing, guitar, and drums. I would love to meet some people here. People who understand what the true meaning of what friendship is.

  • boyce nicewanner daimon boyce nicewanner peyton, colorado

    i am just a simple brony who loves the show and the fandom but never has anyone close to him when he is bored my favorite pony is fluttershy i am also a furry

  • Jared ocana co3211 Jared ocana Denver

    I do play Xbox as well as ps3 and I've been in the herd for about 4 months if any ?s ask me

  • Jasmine xxjasminefireshyxx Jasmine United States

    I'm a quiet person and I like Playing and Writing Music, Writing stories, making Drawings and artwork, and watching movies. I see the world differently than others and I like it that way. I'm shy and I feel connected to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. I play Guitar, Video Games, and Usually go for a jog or bicycle ride every now and then. I'm interested in learning a lot about computers and cars, and a lot of other cool stuff. I like fantasy/sci-fi, steampunk, Action/adventure, western, and Post-apocalyptic books and movies. I like asian food. I want to travel the world sometime.

  • Samantha whimsy Samantha Colorado, USA

    My interest in MLP (and my collection) dates back to G1. I'm an animal nut and especially fond of dogs and rodents IRL. I do crafty-type projects into which ponies often sneak, along with doodling them when I'm bored.

  • Neo Beats n30 Neo Beats Canterlot, Equestria

    HEY! Do to me being stupid, and getting into stuff that I shouldn't get into, I have.... Um became a mare.... with everything included.... ._. I'm eager go to the spa now.... Hey I'm Neo but my stage name N30, I am a dj, all you need to know. I grew up in Manehatten before moving to Canterlot and becoming a DJ, and that's where I met Ink spell <3, my soon to be wife. Sleepy <3 is my older Sister, and Melody is my younger Sister. Scoots, and Electro Light are my little brothers. Limitless is my father. My sissy Sleepy Was my best friend as a child and it remands to this day <3 Hey to all my loyal fans out there, THANKS FOR COMING TO MY SHOWS :3 and to my Son Icy Chill... Dear gawd you are a let down to the family name (ﺧ益ﺨ) Some of my favorite stuff to do is, draw, make music and hang out with my friends... I also like learning different langs then talking in then to others so far I'm up to 4 different langs... my 2 favorite shows are My little pony and Soul eater :3 it is so much gusta I love to RP and stuff. I would do any RP you ask me to do, i am a very good Rper. if you want to find me on steam, you could join my group, DoubleRainbowSyndrome, you can reach me there, if i'm not on here.

  • Avery averys Avery

    Thank you for visiting my profile page. I am looking forward that we could share our interests and stories here.

  • Kyle Boyle djkbrony Kyle Boyle Admin Crested Butte, Colorado, United States

    Making and playing music, writing and running. Such is life.