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  • Alexander Sculli innogami Alexander Sculli Moon
  • Camilla Johansson Sutherland nightmareluna1996 Camilla Johansson Sutherland Vejle, Denmark

    Not much to say about me, except that I'm an ordinary girl with many fandoms!

  • Javiera Vieira jvmarts Javiera Vieira Chile, Iquique

    I'm a mare, that likes to draw, im not of much words, i'd like to know someone before describing me xD

  • Albart Aloy mobiersltd Albart Aloy Detroit, MI

    Albart Aloy is working with a well-reputed iOS application development company, Mobiers Ltd, which offers iPhone application development and a gamut of other IT services. Over the years of experience, he has gained expertise in iOS development loves to dig into the various iOS trends taking place in the industry.

  • Michael Aaron Preder provider Michael Aaron Preder USA

    I'm here to make friends, talk about the show, and advertise my fanfic Fallout Equestria shattered memories (Currently in progress looking for writers to help) So come and chat me up, you can also find me on Facebook under Michael Preder, Ponysquare under Whiteout, or Youtube under Predernation.

  • Jak Olken kuruthezebra Jak Olken Not Equestria, Sadly

    HELLO I AM PONE FAN I LOVE PONE. Anyway I like ponies, obviously. Here to make a name for myself, try to work on my art, and generally meet others. I like Rainbow Dash, Zebras, and inventions. I also like good books, good shows, and good art. Love and Tolerate. Ciao for now. /)

  • Jason Smith elementalfluttershy Jason Smith Oregon

    Avid hiker; favorite pony: Fluttershy; wilderness guide; graphic designer; video editor/PMV maker on YouTube (650 subs). ^-^

  • Brandon Kemerer velvetthunder Brandon Kemerer Florida

    One of the greatest Transponys ever to control the Thunder

  • Zaco Win citylondonescorts Zaco Win London

    City London Escorts provide hot and beautiful escorts for dinner dates and business meets.

  • Whirlwind saber thexsaber13 Whirlwind saber Massillon, OH

    Hello my fellow bronies and pegasisters, it's a pleasure to meet you all. To describe myself in a few words....Poetic, sharp wit, gamer, kind, and a bookworm.

  • Isaiah Sample rockingthunder03 Isaiah Sample Indianapolis, IN

    I'm a 13 year old brony who plays the violen and clarinette(forgot how to spell them). I live in Indianapolis and I have multiple airsoft rifles.

  • fostersalinas rainbowderps fostersalinas

    kiwi off

  • Pursiy Me7Seven pursiy Pursiy Me7Seven Katoria
  • Doodle Dream dogtracksjacks Doodle Dream Wales

    I'm really alone omg

  • Tony Yotes tonyyotes Tony Yotes Mount Dora, Florida

    During my freshman year at college I taught myself the magical art of mobile game development and started making games to build the experience I needed in order to make my dream games a reality. Starting an Indie Dev career in college so there's no need to be a starving artist. I'm currently making a Pokemon-style game called Battle Gem Ponies with the Unity Engine.

  • Devin Jacob Valentine Boyer stormdriftskye33 Devin Jacob Valentine Boyer Gloversville,NY

    I love to draw and write storiee. I have been a brony for about 3 years now and I am a very proud one. I hope to meet and roleplay with tons of other amazing people in the fandom.

  • Vauser Von Shepherd lineansprites Vauser Von Shepherd Singapore

    You guys can call me Linean Sprites, that's my preferred brony name. My life mostly consist of me gaming and just surfing through internet. I'm currently studying Game Design and Development, so basically I make games and stuff. And I love doing that. I'm all about games after all! I also like to eat, I'm not sure if anyone knows yet but I eat everyday, it's like a habit or something. I Also tend to sleep alot, like at least 8 hours of sleep a day. My favourite subjects to talk about are...History, Games, Politics, Economy and all that stuff. I'm a nerd yup, but out of all of these. I'm most into ponies, all in it for them! I love to keep track with pony related contents wherever I can. I'm not sure what else to put in though... So i'll end with I'm shy and hello.

  • daniel john billing sexyvampirevinyl daniel john billing Admin belleviwe washington stast u.s.a

    yo bros and bras, i'm here to meet other bronies and pegasister (if there aloud?????) make friends and not deal with haters, I have an xbox 360 if you wanna add me i'm KONN X CAMP