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FlankBook Refugees

FlankBook Refugees

!flankbookrefugees fbr flankbookrefuge

Feeling lost and confused since FlankBook closed down? Having trouble finding friends from there? All FlankBook members not familiar with RDN can join here in hopes of reuniting with their friends.

(Original group in the link above)

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  • Freedom Chaser freedomchaser Freedom Chaser
  • Commander Pony gingerbread Commander Pony The Moon

    Brony since G1 of MLP, hidden into the shadows until MLP FiM. Just to eccentric and shy to talk a lot about myself. Proud of being a Brony, and to belong into the herd.

  • Thunder Dash thunderdash Thunder Dash New Westmanester, British Coltumbia

    (real name: Anthony Krag) A bit of an anti-social brony, due to my shyness. I'd love to meet other bronies though, I'm lonely. ^^ Addendum because I'm feeling brave right now (Don't know if I'll regret this or not, but whatever)... I'm also a furry. If you don't like it, then okay, but please don't bother me about it.

  • Mark shadowflamestallion Mark Mountain Cave, Equestria

    Species: Dark Horse Big, tall, and powerful, but shy, kindhearted, and understanding.

  • Hutner James hurtackhooves Hutner James California

    Pancakes are my favorite food ever, I love role-playing as Hurtack Hooves, a pony who has a potion to heal the sore throat or to increase the volume of your voice. I'm a pretty standard Pegasus and one last thing..... I'm Awesome

  • Lost Echo l0stech0 Lost Echo Canterlot
  • Erik Smith chimera Erik Smith Seattle, Washington

    I like ponies. A lot. And I make videos and stuff. Awesome, right?

  • Derpy Hooves actuallyderpyhooves Derpy Hooves

    Who wants muffins???

  • Rustic Burghalle rusticburghalle Rustic Burghalle Cebu, Philippines

    Right, so... I'm not unlike any other regular unicorn out there, but if I had to put in as few words as possible to describe myself and, in turn, set myself apart from the rest... ... I'm an alcoholic. Oh, and yes, I also own The Rose Pub and am a bartender at said establishment. Feel free to drop by! And have a pint, on the house! /join #TheRosePub I'll see you all there, soon. :D

  • marejustice marejustice
  • Czar Crystal czar Czar Crystal Hungary

    Hungarian Brony here! Otherwise, name is Czar. Hope to get more friends and spend good time with all the ponies here!

  • Sam professorequine Sam Bethlehem, PA

    Yeah, I'm a professor and I like ponies.

  • Riff Track rifftrack Riff Track Cyprus

    A musician and Radio Host of Riff's Music Radio. I play mostly Guitar, Electric or Acoustic. I also run a livestream show. My soundcloud

  • Optimus Prime optimus Optimus Prime Cybertron

    Leader of the Autobots.

  • Silver Spark silverspark Silver Spark Pennsylvania, USA

    Thank you all for caring about whatever I have to say. Anyway, I am male (at least i was the last time I checked).

  • Nicholas tychechance Nicholas Ponyville, Equestria

    White coat- blue mane and tail. Cutie mark is two interlocked horseshoes.

  • Nestor Dela Cruz nestordc Nestor Dela Cruz Village Park, Hawaii
  • Jeff Stathers dusty Jeff Stathers Admin Delta, British Columbia, Canada

    Once known as Pinhooves, I am now just a retired brony. Sorry guys. If you want to contact me, I use the following: Twitter (DustyPinhead), Skype (sonicpinhooves) and Gmail ([email protected])


  1. Jeff Stathers dusty

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