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Foozogz's Fan Club

Foozogz's Fan Club


Music Artist. Right up there with Eurobeat Brony in my opinion, join if you agree! I'll also take suggestions for this page, I was searching for one and saw it didn't exist so I just threw one up.

Foozogz's Fan Club (foozogz) group


  1. Rainbowdash And Fluttershy Go For A Leisurely Glide is one of the most relaxing and happiest songs I've ever heard !Foozogz

    Friday, 18-Nov-11 02:20:51 UTC from web
    • Avast Fluttershy's Ascot has an awesome melody, I just can't get enough of it :D !foozogz

      Saturday, 22-Oct-11 00:47:57 UTC from web
      • Celestia Radio is playing !foozogz! YAY!

        Friday, 21-Oct-11 02:45:36 UTC from web
        • Psychotic Cupcakes is awesome !Foozogz

          Sunday, 16-Oct-11 05:16:53 UTC from web
          • Well I'm off to bed, got some !foozogz downloading and defragging my hard drive just for the heck of it, goodnight everypony!

            Friday, 14-Oct-11 04:33:40 UTC from web
          • !foozogz

            Friday, 14-Oct-11 04:26:23 UTC from web