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Newmarket Bronies

Newmarket Bronies


Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

This is the group for all fans of 'My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic' who live in Newmarket (Central York Region) and want to meet new people, discuss the show, and have fun in general with other fans of the show. We meet once a week on Sunday and are always eager to accept new members.

Newmarket Bronies (nbronies) group


  1. !nbronies !torontobronies It was a success! At least, that is, in my opinion. If you're wondering, I'm talking about the joint MeetUp between the Newmarket Bronies and the Toronto Bronies. We met up in the food court, got some food, and hung out. After a while it seemed like everybrony who was coming was there, so we took off to explore the city! We went to Hairy Tarantula, 401Games, and finished the day at Silver Snail. All things considered, I think that this was a very good MeetUp, and that we should definitely do it again...also this:

    Thursday, 22-Mar-12 02:50:38 UTC from web
  2. !nbronies !torontobronies Winter Wrap Up is nearly here! Y'all 're lucky I haven't been spammin' this 'til now. Anyways, just mentioning to everybrony that the Winter Wrap Up event will be on 21032012 (Wednesday). If you need more information (or still need to RSVP), then just go to

    Tuesday, 20-Mar-12 05:36:20 UTC from web
    • !nbronies There is now a small fee of 3,00$ per month for all members to cover the costs of the site, raffles, RadiOnline, and so on. Please be sure to pay your fees on time through PayPal or by cash / cheque. Thank you.

      Monday, 12-Mar-12 01:38:40 UTC from web
    • !nbronies I hope everybrony had fun at the MeetUp! Thanks to the stranger who took the photo for us - each of his daughters recieved two activity books because of his kindness. Oh, yes, and FYI - I'm going to post here after each MeetUp (which is probably all this page will be used for - see the Twitter for more frequent updates).

      Monday, 05-Mar-12 05:09:57 UTC from web