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New Zealand Bronys

New Zealand Bronys

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New Zealand

I just noticed that us New Zealanders don't have a group so I thought why not. So join the group and meet up with fellow Kiwi Bronys

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  • Ethan kibaklassic Ethan New Zealand

    I like to mess around with things, though I have issues completing projects to my satisfaction :D I'm a classical pianist, though I'm learning modern. A fictional writer (with some mlp content coming soonish). I love reading, writing, music and wolves. My fav pony is Pinkie Pie, she's just so random :P

  • Isaac Hansen oneshotdashie Isaac Hansen New Zealand
  • Al McLean thedude Al McLean New Zealand

    Watch The Big Lebowski. I'm like the dude, well I am the dude

  • Michael jimmythetiger Michael Admin Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand

    I'm into drama and tech and a major nerd, I get quite hyperactive so It's no surprise Pinkie Pie's my favourite pony, I like a good book and Rock music