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Otaku Bronies

Otaku Bronies

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Just a group for all the Otaku Bronies out there, the ones that love Anime, Manga, and Asian Dramas

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  • Andrew Powell alchemygold Andrew Powell Boothwyn, PA

    I've been going back to college, studying biology in the hopes of becoming a medical technologist. Outside of MLP:FiM, my interests include animation in general, games (whether they're board, card, role-playing, or video), reading, and science.

  • Christian Carranza chillman23 Christian Carranza Daly City, CA

    17/High School Student/Love Princess Luna/ The Apprentice of fluttershy321 /Skype:chilledchaos23/ Gamertag:Chaosbringer23/ Steam: chillman23/PSN: Chilledchaos23

  • Alec gamerbr768 Alec Singapore

    I'm a casual gamer, novice musician, art enthusiast, and... you guessed it... a BRONY!

  • Ryan Vi blueblaze Ryan Vi Admin Trottingham

    I'm just a Canadian brony that is a total geek. I like to RP and I have my own OC called BlueBlaze. I'm on (Username: DJ-PON-3) and Equestria Forums (Username: BlueBlaze)