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Just a group for all the Otaku Bronies out there, the ones that love Anime, Manga, and Asian Dramas

Otaku Bronies (otakubronies) group


  1. !anime stared to do min marathons every week last week started with black lagoon......

    Tuesday, 16-Oct-12 02:32:34 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • @greydragon412 IS there a group for anime lovers?

      Friday, 13-Jan-12 21:34:17 UTC from web
    • Persona 4 really seems like a slightly more mature Digimon season 2. !ob !vgp

      Friday, 16-Dec-11 01:23:36 UTC from web
    • This is one of my favorite songs: # !otakubronies

      Saturday, 10-Dec-11 00:56:08 UTC from web
    • If this song is cat food, then I must have cat ears! !otakubronies #

      Friday, 09-Dec-11 00:05:19 UTC from web
      • I really like this song: # # !otakubronies

        Tuesday, 06-Dec-11 01:11:42 UTC from web
        • The first and second panels here pretty much describe how I feel about Hayate: # # !otakubronies

          Friday, 02-Dec-11 15:12:45 UTC from web
          • I've spent half of the day trying out at least 5 different anime. Why didn't any of them catch my interest!? !ob

            Thursday, 01-Dec-11 10:53:18 UTC from web
          • # reminds me of Yui from K-On! here: !otakubronies

            Saturday, 26-Nov-11 13:24:45 UTC from web
            • I like this: !otakubronies

              Wednesday, 23-Nov-11 21:54:51 UTC from web
            • Another of my favorites: !otakubronies

              Tuesday, 22-Nov-11 23:06:30 UTC from web
              • Well, now I feel a little worse. Better attach it instead. (Taken from here: ) # !otakubronies

                Monday, 21-Nov-11 15:44:20 UTC from web
                • Felt like looking this up: # !otakubronies

                  Monday, 21-Nov-11 15:40:12 UTC from web
                • Anypony remember this #?: !otakubronies

                  Friday, 18-Nov-11 00:45:29 UTC from web
                • Hayate no Gotoku makes for some interesting # material: !otakubronies

                  Thursday, 17-Nov-11 15:30:12 UTC from web
                • ドクンドクンドクン: # !otakubronies

                  Sunday, 06-Nov-11 22:03:07 UTC from web
                  • For some reason, the weather lately makes me want to listen to songs like this, including # and # covers: # !otakubronies

                    Saturday, 05-Nov-11 22:13:10 UTC from web
                    • Hay everypony!

                      Thursday, 06-Oct-11 21:52:04 UTC from web