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My Little Pony Humor Collective

My Little Pony Humor Collective

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Ponyville, Equestria

This is a group for sharing My Little Pony mirth and whimsy.

Jokes, Puns, Humor strips, LULZ

post it here.

My Little Pony Humor Collective (ponyhumor) group


  1. !ponyhumor

    Thursday, 23-Feb-12 15:24:12 UTC from web
    • !ponyhumor

      Thursday, 23-Feb-12 15:18:23 UTC from web
      • Hey, look, the site's working again! ((dance))

        Tuesday, 19-Apr-11 15:46:00 UTC from web
      • !ponyhumor A pony walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?" and the pony responds, "Can I get something warm? I'm a little horse." Yeah i know its lame but this group needs a joke.

        Sunday, 10-Apr-11 02:39:22 UTC from web
      • Why did Pinkie Pie suddenly begin singing? ... Who knows? !ponyhumor

        Thursday, 07-Apr-11 17:20:49 UTC from web
        • How did the piano break up with Derpy Hooves? ... "You have to let me go, I'm falling for Twilight Sparkle." !ponyhumor

          Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 20:31:36 UTC from web