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Bronies in Raleigh

Bronies in Raleigh

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Raleigh, NC

Includes everyone in the immediate area as well! Visit our new site at!

Bronies in Raleigh (raleighbronies) group


  1. !raleighbronies @sharpieline We've moved to Check it out if you'd like to find folks in your area! :D

    Friday, 26-Oct-12 23:51:32 UTC from web
    • !raleighbronies @flootershai So... I will be there, count 1, and I have told my brony friends, count 3. They don't know if they are coming, but they want to. *shrug*

      Saturday, 03-Dec-11 04:36:45 UTC from web
      • !raleighbronies Just a reminder to anyone here not on the site: MEET ON DEC 3rd! We're taking a rough head count! More info on the site forum!

        Sunday, 27-Nov-11 23:39:33 UTC from web
      • !raleighbronies @psudopod All your questions are answered AND MORE at the new site!!

        Sunday, 06-Nov-11 14:40:33 UTC from web
      • !raleighbronies @kazidelta Fo shizzle wizzle? Non NC state bronies, too? All ages? Will there be a means to watch ponies? Will people bring pony toys? Portal to Equestria? What time? Will soda be involved? What does the facility look like? Will there be a microwave? Chocolate fountain? Do I need to pay? Can I donate? What is the limit of guests? Do you have a website? A shnazy graphic? Can I bring my camera? Will people dress up? Will there be activities? What episodes could we watch? Will there be music? Can there be music? Are pastries acceptable? Are cakes acceptable? Can I bring soda? Will there be target practice? How is it decorated? How many are expected to come? How hard is the Talley Student Center to find? Are we expected to clean the room? Will there be video games? Can I bring my brony friends? Can I bring non-bronies to convert? Does Equestria Daily know about this? Does your mother know about this? Will I need some sort of permission to get in to the student center? Baco-

        Sunday, 06-Nov-11 00:37:55 UTC from web
        • !raleighbronies December NC Brony Meetup and Cookie/Cupcake/Muffin/Non-perishable food item Exchange. Saturday, December 3rd at NC State's campus, Talley Student Center, The Brown Room on the third floor.

          Friday, 04-Nov-11 16:16:19 UTC from web
        • !raleighbronies @obeycelestia Looks great, I'm glad we have our own site now.

          Monday, 31-Oct-11 16:28:36 UTC from web

            Monday, 31-Oct-11 01:20:45 UTC from web
          • !raleighbronies Yeah, no go. Titan pulled the plug. It's understandable because this place doesn't get used much. I doubt many other people here knew about it.

            Friday, 28-Oct-11 21:34:03 UTC from web
            • !raleighbronies So what's the outlook for the 29th? Friday..I can only assume it's a no go?

              Friday, 28-Oct-11 19:52:35 UTC from web
              • !raleighbronies Might be able to swing the 29th with 2 possible others in tow, depends on when and where.

                Monday, 24-Oct-11 20:35:51 UTC from web
                • !raleighbronies I met a very cool brony at Wal-Mart:

                  Monday, 24-Oct-11 00:40:21 UTC from web
                  • !raleighbronies looks like most of you won't beable to make it so see you in dec

                    Sunday, 23-Oct-11 19:48:16 UTC from web
                    • !raleighbronies I cannot make it on the 29th, but I would be able to make it on the first weekend of December

                      Sunday, 23-Oct-11 15:26:02 UTC from web
                      • !raleighbronies I'm all for going to the December meetup. I will set aside other things so I can make it :3. I would also go to the 29th if it happens.

                        Saturday, 22-Oct-11 16:39:41 UTC from web
                        • !raleighbronies I can make it to a meet on both the 29th and early December.

                          Saturday, 22-Oct-11 04:22:01 UTC from web
                          • !raleighbronies I may or may not be able to do the 29th, but I will definitely come to an early December meetup.

                            Saturday, 22-Oct-11 03:57:46 UTC from web
                            • !raleighbronies I would definitely come to a meet on the 29th if there are a few more ponies. I'd feel awkward if I were the only one... Also, who here thinks they could make a large meet on the first weekend of Dec? Similar to the last one we had, but more organized and slightly less food? I'm thinking a cookie/cupcake/muffin swap and order pizza or something similar...

                              Saturday, 22-Oct-11 03:44:57 UTC from web
                              • !raleighbronies If I can get at least 5 people to confirm I will go ahead and set up for a party for the 29th I live near southpoint mall durham

                                Saturday, 22-Oct-11 03:28:49 UTC from web
                                • !raleighbronies I meant 360 autocorrect why you so weird!!!

                                  Saturday, 22-Oct-11 01:38:48 UTC from web
                                  • !raleighbronies I might beable to throw something together next saturday but if anyone has a decent sized space I can bring over a bunch of stuff like games and my 350 to play the episodes

                                    Saturday, 22-Oct-11 01:37:40 UTC from web
                                    • !raleighbronies I would love to come to a meetup if there is one.

                                      Saturday, 22-Oct-11 00:52:25 UTC from web
                                      • !raleighbronies If we meet up, I'd come to watch an episode or two as well. Been bogged down with work recently; some ponies would soothe the stress :3

                                        Friday, 21-Oct-11 01:59:53 UTC from web
                                        • !raleighbronies If people are meeting up for the Luna episode, I will probably come

                                          Thursday, 20-Oct-11 15:17:15 UTC from web
                                          • !raleighbronies any ENLOE bronies here? I'm In hoffman's class right now.

                                            Thursday, 20-Oct-11 12:45:31 UTC from web
                                            • !raleighbronies I know so many bronies here in NC, we need to harness the power and meet up, preferably in Cary. XD

                                              Thursday, 20-Oct-11 12:12:13 UTC from web
                                            • !raleighbronies if y'all plan something, I'll try and be there

                                              Thursday, 20-Oct-11 11:47:09 UTC from web
                                              • !raleighbronies @titankore I am interested. You'll need to plan it fast, or have it on the 31, Halloween, later. I don't think you could put this together in 3 days :/ (sorry, mahbad)

                                                Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 18:31:27 UTC from web
                                                • !raleighbronies Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone wanted to have to have a Halloween party and watch the new Luna episode together

                                                  Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 02:28:13 UTC from web
                                                  • !raleighbronies Hey, I was a the southsquare target in durham and I noticed that they have the recolor toys for 5 dollars. I'm not really into them but I thought I should let you guys know.

                                                    Sunday, 16-Oct-11 15:57:21 UTC from web