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RDN Color-Font Quote Project

RDN Color-Font Quote Project

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Dezzie's twisted mind

One of those weird RDN-themed ideas that Dezzie tends to pull out of her strange little mind every so often and then forgets to finish. It goes like this. We say some funny stuff, right? Well, each user gets a chosen color and font for their quotes and we put some quotes together typography-style (I guess?) on some sorta Word-document thing. Hard to explain. I guess we could make a shirt... ah, screw it. Make reservations while they're here!

RDN Color-Font Quote Project (rdnquoteproject) group


  1. !rdnquoteproject ATTENTION EVERYPONY, RESERVE YOUR COLORS AND FONTS WHILE THEY'RE STILL HERE! (yay!) Not like they're flying off the shelves or anything..

    Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 21:12:39 UTC from web
  2. !rdnquoteproject Alright. So remember that thing I mentioned yesterday? Yeah.

    Monday, 29-Oct-12 03:10:14 UTC from web