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1stAirborne BootCamp

1stAirborne BootCamp



History of the 1st airbourne; The beginning of the first airbourne dates back about 150 years ago. The original
1st airbourne were pegasi nurses who quickly responded to the case of an earthquake in Manehatten. Their quick
actions saved the lives of many ponies, and there it began. Along the years, they began recruiting more nurses, more
specifically pegasus nurses who could fly fast and react faster. They became a more extensive rapid response
unit as they became larger. Over more and more years, they became more skilled, and began working alongside the
royal equestrian air force. The 1st airbourne have been there more recently in events such as the attack of Queen
Chrysalis and the events of Discord. The motivation of the 1st airbourne pony is ad infinitum.

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