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Riff's Music Radio

Riff's Music Radio

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A live radio show discussing everything Pony and music-related! Goes Live any-day at 2 PM EST or if you're in Europe 21:00 PM GMT +2

Riff's Music Radio (riffsmusicradio) group


  1. Achievement Unlocked: Did not trip on the stairs after Riff's Music Radio. !rmr

    Saturday, 29-Oct-11 22:38:44 UTC from web
    • Hey everyone! Going live in about 5 minutes! !rmr

      Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:59:49 UTC from web
      • @tychechance yo, herd you were really excited for the show, we're starting in 35 minutes, so get yo flank on the chat !rmr

        Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:30:52 UTC from web
        • 40 minuter till RiffTracks show goes live! join us at !riffsmusicradio

          Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:26:26 UTC from web
          • Riff's Music Radio begins in 1 hour! join the chat and have fun! !riffsmusicradio

            Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:08:07 UTC from web
          • Oh sweet bloody pumpkins, @darksymphony is doing piddlin' about doing Hell knows what, and @stargazerlily is still on her Beer run, and we have to start preparing for the show in 1 hour! GAH! !riffsmusicradio

            Saturday, 29-Oct-11 16:11:13 UTC from web
          • Riff's Music Radio will be hosting it's Halloween special tomorrow on the 29Th. We're expecting it to be a long and fun night and hoping we can attract more listeners from RDN! So please tune in tomorrow at 2PM EST or 9PM GMT+2 if you're in Europe. !riffsmusicradio

            Friday, 28-Oct-11 10:29:16 UTC from web