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So Cal Brony Bulletin Board

So Cal Brony Bulletin Board


Los Angeles/Orange County, CA, USA

Wanna know when and where the next meetup is? Looking for a good internet stream party? Wanna buy or sell some merch? Wanna share your latest Brony project? Are you new to the herd and just want to know where to start? We're here to help.

The So Cal Brony Bulletin is a collection of all information regarding meetup groups in the Southern California area and the artistic exploits of bronies in the So Cal community.

We also provide regular news updates in the world of ponies. You'll read it on Equestria Daily first, sure, but for convenience's sake we'll have it right here too.

Be sure to check us out on Twitter and Google +.

Got a hot tip on a future meetup? Let us know at

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  • Riley Prower fang Riley Prower Corona, CA, USA

    im kinda shy but a really nice person... err... pony, i have been told i have servant's heart i guess it means i like to serve but its more that i like to be a pet. PSN ID: fangprower message me :3

  • rainbowdash339 rainbowdash339 usa. southern cal

    im a boy scout and sea scout i like gaming youtube biking and mlp and my fav pony is rainbow dash duh. :P

  • Inactive inactiveacct Inactive Southern California

    Delete account

  • Cameron Clark flyingwhales Cameron Clark California

    I worship Ponies, Pokemon, Regular Show, and Music. Love anime/manga and playing Xbox.

  • Matthew blueskies Matthew Los Angeles,CA

    Hello everypony! Ive been a brony for about 10 months now and I dont regret it! Im a little shy when I first meet new people but after that I love to make new friends and make jokes! Im always ready to help my friends and Im very loyal, you can count on me if you need help!

  • Frank Anthony noizybrony Frank Anthony Bakersfield, CA

    I'm outgoing-ish or i'm shy-ish, idklol! Music is my main thing, but my interests definitely vary (yayversatility!) I'm a nice person, kind of obnoxious, but i'll help a friend in any way i can and i just love to make new friends! Sooo... there you go! :D :D :D :D

  • Bo Jordan 09mlpfimfan Bo Jordan Stephenville, TX, U.S.A.

    I'm a regular brony who likes ponies and video games. :) I'm also looking for a good video editing software (videos) for anyone who wants to tell me one.

  • Aaron vesperline Aaron Long Beach, CA

    Programming major, gamer, and professional wise guy. You can find me on XBL and Steam also under Vesperline.

  • Peanut Crunch peanutcrunch Peanut Crunch Admin La Mirada, CA, USA

    I'm Peanut Crunch, and I've been a brony since early July 2011. I'm a singer. I study opera, but I can sing whatever. Choirs, rock bands, kareoke and so on. I run The So Cal Brony Bulletin Board, a page dedicated to promoting and documenting the activities of the Southern California brony community. Got a hot tip on a future meetup? Let me know at