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Trottinghamshire Bronies

Trottinghamshire Bronies


Nottingham,East Midlands, England, UK

Welcome to the Trottingham Bronies, a Brony meetup group based in Nottingham, but covering the entire Nottinghamshire and Part of Derbyshire Counties.

We are, however, open to anypony coming along, no matter how far away you are; with some of our members regularly coming from as far as Yorkshire and Somerset. We're a friendly bunch and we love making new members and friends.

On average most of our meet-ups have a turnout of 15 to 20 attendees. The date of each meet-up is decided via a monthly poll, which will be posted on our website:

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  • Daniel Rigley djdaniel01 Daniel Rigley England

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  • Javiera Vieira jvmarts Javiera Vieira Chile, Iquique

    I'm a mare, that likes to draw, im not of much words, i'd like to know someone before describing me xD

  • starlightflux starlightflux Admin Rushcliffe, Nottingham