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T-Shirts (and other Clothing Designs)

T-Shirts (and other Clothing Designs)

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A container for custom shirt designs, and information about general mlp-related clothing apparel.

T-Shirts (and other Clothing Designs) (tshirt) group


  1. Roundup! Any merch recntly ourchased? !tshirt !customponies !ponytoycollectors

    Sunday, 11-Mar-12 23:16:38 UTC from web
  2. pony roundup! any pony merch recently purchased, and if so, where? !ponytoycollectors !tshirt !customponies

    Saturday, 10-Mar-12 23:54:34 UTC from web
    • Pony roundup! !ponytoycollectors !tshirt any pony merch recently purchased, and if so, where? Also, anything fan made that you have purchased? !customponies

      Wednesday, 07-Mar-12 00:49:39 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • @greydragon412 If you find the pic just take it to a print shop and have the t-shirt made, it's a lot cheaper

        Friday, 01-Jul-11 19:28:52 UTC from web
      • !tshirt

        Friday, 01-Jul-11 19:17:07 UTC from web
        • !tshirt

          Friday, 01-Jul-11 19:16:11 UTC from web
          • @fluttershyismywaifu ~ Admin'd you on !tshirt - If you go to the page now you'll see some additional tabs. Under 'Admin' you can fill in some details about the group if you like, otherwise I'll probably make up some general description late. The other two main tabs are going to be Logo and Design. I think the logo is fine for the time being, but if you have something better feel free.

            Friday, 01-Jul-11 19:15:28 UTC from web
            • can somepony create a T-Shirt group with the tag !tshirt please, I am unsure how

              Friday, 01-Jul-11 19:04:51 UTC from web