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a place for bronies to share there gamer tag and form a gaming group for game night

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  1. !xboxbronies cool finaly ive found some gamers who actuly like MLP

    Wednesday, 21-Mar-12 20:55:54 UTC from web
  2. !xboxbronies i may play some # later whos up for it

    Wednesday, 21-Mar-12 14:07:31 UTC from web
  3. !xbox im playing indie games yay

    Monday, 19-Mar-12 19:45:24 UTC from web
    • @greydragon412 !xbox why you no post on you group and btw ummm ya we have ben up for a month now the fact that you never notice us before tell me all i need to know

      Sunday, 18-Mar-12 01:24:05 UTC from web
    • !xboxbronies hey guys sorry i haven't been on for a while. i would like to welcome any new members we got while i was away and would like to say my Xbox live tag is Lord Scootaloo and if you shoot me a friend request please send a message saying you are from RDN at the same time.

      Saturday, 17-Mar-12 21:01:19 UTC from web
      • !xboxbronies hey guys my Xbox gamertag is SteamiestThree0 i wont be online for a bit but add me

        Saturday, 17-Mar-12 02:48:28 UTC from web
        • Are there any !xboxbronies online I'm bored.

          Friday, 16-Mar-12 13:14:41 UTC from web
        • !xboxbronies here all my pony toy's so far

          Friday, 16-Mar-12 00:13:36 UTC from web
        • @luna4life we should promote !xboxbronies any where we can.

          Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 21:19:02 UTC from web
          • !xbox must stay awake for gaming 0_0

            Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 04:05:15 UTC from web
            • !xboxbronies Playing crap of duty.

              Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 01:20:54 UTC from web
            • !xbox Now I own an Xbox. Therefore stuff. No Xbox Live yet, since no online games worth it, but maybe in the future.

              Tuesday, 13-Mar-12 23:11:06 UTC from web
            • !xboxbronies for any one who wont's it hears my gamer tag..... caption banana

              Monday, 12-Mar-12 16:55:39 UTC from web
              • !xboxbronies add my gamer tag pl0bber

                Sunday, 11-Mar-12 15:49:05 UTC from web
              • !xboxbronies any ssx players out there ad my gamertag its namikazesora

                Thursday, 08-Mar-12 15:26:11 UTC from web
              • yo !xboxbronies any pony wanna play halo or cod later

                Thursday, 08-Mar-12 15:01:45 UTC from web
                • hi every pony

                  Tuesday, 06-Mar-12 03:04:09 UTC from web
                • !xboxbronies I am on Halo: Reach if anyone would like to play!

                  Sunday, 04-Mar-12 18:28:56 UTC from web
                  • !xboxbronies I have changed my gamertag to The St33v . If you already had me added. its fine.

                    Saturday, 03-Mar-12 22:57:09 UTC from web
                  • !xboxbronies GUESS WHO HAS TO STAY IN TONIGHT? Let's play Xbox or something.

                    Saturday, 03-Mar-12 00:20:37 UTC from web
                  • !xboxbronies I'll get on now, add me SteadySnipes42

                    Saturday, 03-Mar-12 00:34:08 UTC from web
                    • !xboxbronies bro is whining like a... well you know. sorry guys... can't go

                      Saturday, 03-Mar-12 00:30:49 UTC from web
                      • !xboxbronies hurry up and join My party. DarkestGoKings

                        Saturday, 03-Mar-12 00:30:05 UTC from web
                        • !xboxbronies , Anyone up for halo, or call of duty, or anything.

                          Friday, 02-Mar-12 13:40:38 UTC from web
                        • !xboxbronies what about any of the halo's

                          Thursday, 01-Mar-12 22:30:24 UTC from web
                        • !xboxbronies cherries, let's play that Xbox thing I guess.

                          Thursday, 01-Mar-12 22:25:53 UTC from web
                          • !xboxbronies I have MW3, Battlefield 3, Resident Evil 5, and Brink (which I have never played.) Everything else is single player.

                            Thursday, 01-Mar-12 20:03:26 UTC from StatusNet Android
                          • i like # better then # but i own mw3 fail !xboxbronies lol

                            Thursday, 01-Mar-12 19:16:20 UTC from web
                          • !xboxbronies yesterday was the last day of my free gold acc on xbox live D=. And my internet was down

                            Thursday, 01-Mar-12 19:31:04 UTC from web
                          • @coldshoulder !xboxbronies I have the BTK expansion pack and the game won't let me play with people who don't :(

                            Thursday, 01-Mar-12 19:01:58 UTC from web